Having reliable communication with every prospect and customer has proven to be one of the most important aspects of customer support in 2022. Users nowadays expect to instantly get in touch with Customer Support Agents, and beyond the traditional forms of communication like email, phone-based communication, a live chat platform, and even chatbots represent equally beneficial modes of communication. 

In fact, live chat features are a preferable method of communication, deemed as easy to use and convenient. On the other hand, chatbots, which are based on communication via live-chat facilities, mimic the responses of customer support agents in an attempt to reduce the number of queries and quickly address basic issues. Below, we will take a look at why these methods of communication tend to have the highest percentage of customer satisfaction.

Live Chat 

A live chat software platform allows agents to get directly in touch with their website visitors. Although some offer this option to registered users, many platforms, especially reliable online casinos, decide to offer live chat assistance to every visitor. It is a useful tool for customers to instantly reach the agents when they face complex issues, but it is also a helpful tool in providing information about the casino and the available casino games. So if you are looking to play at the best online casino real money, then you will be happy to know that most top casinos offer premium customer support.

It is easily accessible as it appears as a little box in the left or right corner of the website, or it can pop up only when the customer registers on the site. In any case, it’s very useful in reaching customers, solving their issues, and improving the customer experience on the site.

Chatbot Vs. Live Chat facility 

Live chat and chatbots function similarly at first glance. It’s an easily accessible box on the website that lets you communicate with a customer support agent or AI-powered chatbots. The difference is that live chat employees deal with the queries in the first case, while the chatbot is preprogrammed to offer instant assistance on basic questions and issues. It doesn’t have special features. You need to type in your answer in the response box, while some live chat facilities offer, for example, video-chat capabilities.


The customers’ feedback is essential for the company to improve its relationships, better tackle customers’ queries, and provide a great customer experience. Therefore, a lot of businesses send customers transcripts of their live chat communications, offer an option to rate their conversation, and ask for their options.

With chatbots, it’s even more important to provide accurate data about the communication because the software needs to be updated if it fails to understand certain questions, for example. Otherwise, the companies are able to get insights from the conversations with the chatbots to learn more about the common issues of the users and frequent questions and make appropriate changes. Another advantage is chatbots are able to learn over time and even anticipate certain questions. 

Mobile and Social Media Sites

A very popular option is to integrate the live-chat feature with social media. It enables customer support agents to answer users that have visited the social media account of the business, and it’s another way to provide a better customer experience for them. As there are over 4 billion social media accounts worldwide, we can say it’s a smart choice for businesses, if possible, to include this option. 

Lastly, both live chat features and chatbots are mobile-optimized due to the increased usage of mobile devices. This integration allows customers to get the same level of customer support that is offered to desktop users.

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