Did you know that the average adult only spends around 10% of their life outdoors?

One of the easiest ways you can motivate yourself to get outside more often is to explore fun backyard design ideas. If you can turn your yard into an oasis, then you’ll be excited to come home every day and enter your safe space.

With so many unique backyard ideas out there, how can you know which investments would be right for your yard and tastes? Keep reading this guide so you can learn about the nicest ideas that can please any homeowner.

Install a Fountain or Pond

There’s nothing more soothing than a body of water. Whether you buy a small bird bath, a bubbling fountain, or even build an entire pond, you’ll be at peace whenever you’re around the water.

Another benefit of creating a source of water is that you can invite all kinds of cute wildlife into your yard and you can admire your visitors.

Set Up a Cozy Lounge Area

Think about how amazing curling up on a hammock or soft outdoor couch would be after a long day. Having a private lounge area can help you escape the stress of the world even if it’s only for a few minutes each day.

If this area is near an outdoor power outlet, then you could even bring out a mini-fridge so you can have access to your favorite drinks and snacks.

Welcome Beautiful Plants to Your Yard

There are so many fabulous backyard garden ideas, so getting inspired should be a breeze. Some people prefer a green forest vibe while others want as much color as possible.

Take some time to consider your preferences and shop for low-maintenance plants that can give you so much without asking for a lot in return.

Shop for Some Interesting Sculptures

A key feature of any zen garden is fascinating sculptures that add personality to your yard. Some options to choose from include animals, gnomes, angels, abstract art, and little houses.

These statues can be a comforting and refreshing presence. You’re bound to earn a bunch of compliments on each piece you select.

Design an Outdoor Living Space

One of the best backyard patio ideas is to hire experts like Deckmastersak.com to install a stunning deck for your backyard. This space will allow you to create a welcoming place where everyone can gather.

A large table, an umbrella, and leather dinning chairs are perfect for hosting backyard dinners and even playing games while you chat with your loved ones.

You and Your Guests Will Love These Backyard Ideas

Coming up with backyard ideas can seem difficult since there are so many different directions you could take. After reading this article on the hottest backyard trends, you can design the yard of your dreams.

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