Beauty standards for women in South Korea are an important part of culture, affecting not only stars and actors, but also all residents of the country. Sometimes both women and men are bullied because they are “not beautiful”. 

Do you know what is considered beautiful among South Korean women? If not, then this information is for you! But what Koreans and all people on earth love for sure is fun. You can have good fun at home by visiting Vave.

The Sphere of Beauty in Korea

Appearance plays an important role for South Koreans and is considered a determining factor for success in life, marriage prospects and employment opportunities.


They should seem big and innocent. Asian women do not have a “double fold” on the eyelid, so in order to “open up” the look and appear more attractive, they resort to surgery. About 80% of Korean women aged 35 and younger have had eyelid surgery!

Korean women are usually carefree about plastic surgery, which is sometimes even seen as a good gift and a start in life. Some more conservative and less well-off women may choose double-sided stickers or liquid eyelid glue to create a double-eyelid effect without surgery. They also like to have so-called “bags” under their eyes, as it gives the face a young, innocent look.


Korean women’s eyebrows should be straight and pronounced. This shape of the eyebrows gives the face an innocent and defenseless look. Most Korean women don’t have prominent eyebrows, so they usually comb and tint them, which takes a lot of time.


Korean women tend to have long eyelashes, although they are rare by nature. Cosmetics and false eyelashes are used to make them thicker.

Eye Makeup

Korean women usually do not use bold and provocative makeup, they prefer more neutral and natural colors.

Too bright make-up in South Korea is considered vulgar and vulgar, so everyone tries to choose nude shades in cosmetics.

Face Shape

Koreans prefer to have an oval face with a narrow chin and high cheekbones. At the same time, by nature, their faces are wide in the cheekbones, so V-line surgery to change the shape of the chin is becoming increasingly popular, because it gives the face a fragile, childish look.

This is a very painful procedure that requires fixing the jaws for six weeks.

The swelling may subside for up to six months, but this is considered a small price to pay for being satisfied with your appearance.

By the way, dimples on cheeks here are another way to stand out and get the coveted mark “beautiful person”.


If we talk about noses, then the classic Asian nose is wide with a low bridge. Recently, European-style noses have become popular, thin and elegant, with a high bridge of the nose.

Some women resort to surgery, others try to change the shape of the nose with the help of special narrowing strips and clothespins. No one is confused by plastic surgery in this part of the world, it’s like asking a person where he got a new handbag.



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