Did you know that adding alcohol to meat can improve its flavor and help with tenderizing it? 

Many chefs are creating delicious burger recipes, and bourbon is often their choice of alcohol to add. 

If you enjoy sipping on bourbon and love burgers, you should consider bringing both worlds together. 

Keep reading to discover the best bourbon burgers that you can put on your grill! 

1. Sweet Bourbon Burger

One of the best bourbon burgers you can try brings sweet and bitter to the tips of your tastebuds.  

You can make a sweet bourbon burger with crunchy onion straws, warm cheese, and lettuce. If you want to bring burgers and bourbon together, you should select a fatty cut of meat to help absorb the alcohol. While you mix your favorite spice rub in the meat, add a splash of bourbon, and let the meat rest. 

Grilling bourbon burgers is much like grilling other types. The time on the grill or stove will largely depend on the type of meat you’re using and the cook you want. If you want to spice up your sweet bourbon burgers, you can add BBQ sauce mixed with bourbon and brown sugar. 

2. Booze Dogs Specialty Burgers

If you’re looking for the best alcohol infused food, you should look into Booze Dogs. 

Booze Dogs creates a tasty bourbon burger, along with other bourbon-infused meats. The burger meat gets smoked in small batches to create a depth of flavor and is then finely ground. The premium ground chuck and pork shoulder used in this burger create a tender texture that’s easy to grill. 

This brand only uses real bourbon and avoids synthetic flavoring. They come smoked, pre-cooked, and packaged when you place an order. All you have to do is toss them on the grill with the rest of your favorites! 

3. Food Network Bourbon Burger 

Bourbon and burgers are two of the most delicious pairings you can try and Food Network can give you the confidence to make them. 

This bourbon burger called for Bulleit brand bourbon since it provides such a unique flavor. You can mix your meat with bourbon, Worcestershire sauce, and spices to develop your patties.

Food Network recommends that you only grill each side of your burger for about 2 minutes. You should place the cheese on top once you do the final flip. 

Sauteed Vidalia onions are an excellent topping for this burger and brioche buns are the best to absorb the sauce. 

Have You Tried These Bourbon Burgers? 

Mixing alcohol into recipes is nothing new, but chefs around the world have begun perfecting the combinations. 

Bourbon burgers are one of the latest crazes that foodies are biting into. If you’re 21 or older and want to try something new, any of these burger recipes will leave you wanting more.

Don’t be afraid to grill them yourself. Tasting one at a restaurant first, however, can help you discover what you like best. 

You can develop custom burgers that will satisfy your taste buds and guests.

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