Diablo 4 Season 3 is about to begin. Since developers nerf and buff each class, you may want to make a new class tier list to choose a new character and start your season journey again.

There are five different classes to choose from in Diablo 4, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. So if you are new to the game or a returning veteran, you may wish to take a look at the class tier list and my opinions provided before you start exploring the vast map in the endgame. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Classes Explained

For our class tier list, we focus on damage output rather than ease of control. Since every class is different, there is no single beginner class in Diablo 4. Some players may find one class easier or harder than others, so choose the class that best suits your play style.

Each has their own choice of buffs, crowd control abilities, movement options, and magic weapons that define their damage output. Choosing the right defensive abilities and companions or spending Diablo 4 Gold to improve your character’s overall stats can change the way you approach PVE portion of Diablo 4.

Remember, Paragon Glyphs are just as important in endgame builds as you are facing Nightmare Dungeons.

Each class has its own strengths, and these strengths will change when you modify Paragon Board in the endgame build.

Diablo 4 - Best Class to Play in Season 3 - Class Tier List Post Patch 1.3 & Seneschal Rune Winners!

Best Leveling Class

In this class tier list, we have ordered them according to their difficulty. Note that the order of this list may change based on synergies with the new Diablo 4 Seneschal companion.

Here, we did not add a C-Tier because we believe all five classes have viable builds that can be used to destroy Uber Bosses in Diablo 4. The same is true in Season of the Malignant and Season of Blood.

With the arrival of Season of the Construct, we want all classes to have solid construction diversity.

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B-Tier – Sorcerer

Sorcerer is definitely the most popular class in Diablo 4. They also rank high in most class tier lists. But their low health makes them troublesome at higher levels.

While their spell-casting options and devastating spells make them deadly in combat, their low hit points hold them back. Although as Sorcerer, they also have defense options and escape skills, it is also important to buy Diablo 4 Gold to prepare some health potions in advance.

However, they are not as reliable as Druid or Barbarian to withstand attacks. And compared to Sorcerer, Rogue can get out of trouble more easily. More importantly, Sorcerer also needs to take the boss into consideration when casting spells, as your area attacks won’t be as effective.

If you choose Sorcerer, Fire Sorcerer, Lightning Sorcerer, and Ice Shards Sorcerer builds will give you the most damage. Firewalls may be especially useful against enemy mobs.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Best Sorcerer Leveling Builds

B-Tier – Rogue

While Rogue’s low health may scare off beginners at higher levels, their damage potential becomes insanely large.

Whether it’s a close-range assassination or a long-range attack with bow or crossbows, Rogue can stealth to avoid danger. This cunning assassin can even exploit weaknesses and bring enemies into Shadow Realm, causing massive damage to relative safety.

The right Rogue build can allow you to kill waves of mobs and harvest tons of D4 items before your enemies deal fatal damage to you. But if you fall into a coma, you’ll soon be sent to the previous checkpoint.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Rogue Nerfs And Buffs Season of the Ranged Rogue Diablo 4 Update

Still, it’s one of the best classes in the game because of its purely offensive options. It’s just that early in the game it can take you a while to find your footing. But its endgame build is particularly devastating.

If you decide to go with Rogue, consider builds like Twisting Blades Rogue, Death Trap Rogue, Flurry Rogue, and Poison Trap Rogue.

A-Tier – Necromancer

Necromancer is definitely a brilliant choice for beginners to level up because of its ability to create minions.

Necromancer can summon an army of skeletons in battle, and they will automatically fight for you. If you can still master the combat, that’s great. Even if you mess up your attack, you’ll still be dealing damage through your minions. This is a great way to learn the game’s controls while still making progress.

The disadvantage of Necromancer is also obvious, it requires additional resources to be managed. Unlike other classes, Necromancer must manage Essence and Corpse mechanic.

So while your minion mechanics will make combat easier, you’ll have a lot more to deal with in terms of resource management.

For Necromancer, you can consider Blood Lance Necromancer, Blood Surge Necromancer, Blight Shadowmancer, and Summoner Necromancer builds.

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A-Tier – Barbarian

After Necromancer, Barbarian is also very suitable for leveling. They are the definition of a simple play style.

The advantage is that Barbarian forgoes all this resource management in favor of charging in and crushing enemies like a tank. If you’re the type of player who just wants to play close-quarters single-player games, this is the character for you. You can engage in melee combat with simple combos.

They’re easy to pick up as a single player and only get stronger as the game progresses.

I wouldn’t recommend them against other players in PVP though. Because while Barbarian is a simple character, their fighting style means you’ll be close to all enemies. This puts you in a higher risk situation. If you make a mistake, you’re more likely to get hurt or even die.

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Barbarian does have good survivability, though. Once you start getting the hang of it, this isn’t a big deal.

Players looking for new Barbarian builds can check out Thorns Barbarian, Hammer of the Ancients Barbarian, Death Blow Barbarian, and Whirlwind Barbarian builds. Double Swing is also a particularly effective skill for Barbarian.

S-Tier – Druid

Druid is for players who want to spice up their game. They are particularly stable in terms of AOE damage, so they are also much more powerful than the fragile sorcerer. This makes them a better choice for challenging higher level dungeons.

Paired with the right Diablo 4 unique items and skills, Druid can become a deadly threat.

But be aware that if you want to try every possible build to master Druid, you may need to respec frequently. Because it is also a class that depends on resources. This means you have to mix your normal attacks with your special attacks more often.

Therefore, this class is not very good at the beginning, but as you unlock more skills, he will definitely surprise you! And they can also use Spirit Boons mechanic and the perks given to spirit animals to get more damage bonuses.

Builds such as Landslide Druid, Pulverize Druid, and Storm Druid are definitely must-try builds when choosing Druid.

Diablo 4 - DRUID Build SEASON 3 Tier List


The above is the class tier list in Diablo 4 Season 3 that is most suitable for leveling. If the best build doesn’t fit your play style or is nerfed, try the new seasonal mechanics. After all, every season brings new builds.

Regardless, choosing the right Diablo 4 Season 3 class will help your Construct journey go more smoothly! Good luck!