An outdoor game day for adults is an awesome way to relax and get your mind away from your worries. By throwing together some great friends and breaking the ice with new ones, you’re sure to make some long-lasting memories.

But how do you ensure that everyone has a memorable time? 

This guide will help you plan the ultimate gathering using backyard games like Giant Mountain Blocks, Bocce Ball, Social Pong, Horseshoes, and Washer Toss, or you can see more at Elakai Outdoor.

Exciting of Giant Mountain Blocks

Giant Mountain Blocks is a larger-than-life take on traditional backyard games of the same kind. Unlike its smaller counterpart, this game requires a little muscle and a lot of strategy. Set up your stack of blocks on a flat surface and take turns pulling out blocks from the bottom or middle and placing them on top. The goal is to keep the tower standing as long as possible. It’s a game of suspense and skill that will have everyone holding their breath. Don’t forget a safety zone around the tower to prevent any injuries when it all comes tumbling down!

Bocce Ball Tournament

Bocce Ball is one of several backyard games that have been played for centuries. The aim of the game is to toss your bocce balls as close as possible to a smaller ball called the ‘pallino’. Different teams (or singles, depending on the gathering) take turns throwing their balls, with the closest to the pallino scoring points. This game quickly gets competitive, which is sure to notch up the enthusiasm. Plus, it’s easy to learn, so even beginners can quickly get the hang of it.

The Thrill of Social Pong

Social Pong is arguably one of the most beloved outdoor backyard games. First, cups are arranged in a triangle shape at either end of a long table. Teams take turns trying to toss a ping pong ball into one of the opposing team’s cups. If they’re successful, a member of the opposing team has to drink the contents of the cup. The first team to eliminate all their opponent’s cups wins. This game always brings the competitive spirit and provides plenty of laughs.

A Game of Horseshoes

Games of Horseshoes are backyard games that never go out of style. They’re simple, fun, and can be quite competitive. Players take turns tossing horseshoes at a stake in the ground, with points awarded for the closest throws. The game requires precision and skill, but it’s also a lot of fun. You can easily set up a horseshoe pit in your backyard, making it an ideal choice for an outdoor game day.

An Exciting Time With Washer Toss

Washer Toss is similar to horseshoes but uses washers instead of horseshoes and a box instead of a stake. The aim of the game is to toss washers into the box, with more points awarded for landing a washer in the center cup. The game is easy to learn yet challenging to master, creating a fun and competitive environment. Plus, it’s portable and easy to set up, making it a great choice for any outdoor game day.

Conclusion: Try One of These Games At Your Next Outdoor Gathering

Hosting outdoor backyard games for adults doesn’t have to be complicated. By including engaging games like Giant Mountain Blocks, Bocce Ball, Social Pong, Horseshoes, and Washer Toss, you’re sure to create a memorable and fun event. Just remember to explain the rules clearly, keep the games fair, and make the food great for an eventful gathering!