An email marketing campaign can help establish a brand and grow. Most e-commerce sites use emails to reach out to a larger audience. Emails help you build relations that last a lifetime with your audience. 

Many users find emails useful to know more about a brand and purchase their products or services. However, you ought to craft the best emails to attract potential customers to your e-commerce business. An email can make or break the reputation of your brand. Instead, any mistake may increase the work pressure upon you for your e-commerce business. Hiring one from some of the best email marketing companies can save you. Without further ado, let’s shed light on the commonly committed email marketing mistakes by e-commerce businesses. 

Long subject lines 

The foremost mistake that e-commerce businesses make in email marketing is using long subject lines. A user might show no interest in reading a long subject line. It’s important to include a subject line and ensure that it is engaging. Many e-commerce stores send emails that surely land in the junk box. Try to curate a subject line that appears natural and instantly arouses the readers’ interest. Also, try to avoid making typing errors as much as possible for a good subject. A typo in an email with unnecessary punctuation marks will ruin the reader’s interest. 

Unknown audience 

Many e-commerce businesses barely spend some time exploring the behaviors of their consumers. This trait affects their business to a larger extent as they have no clue about their audience. You must know whom you wish to target and their behavior patterns. Try to collect their demographics in a way where they contribute to the growth of your brand unknowingly. You may utilize different tools and gather information about them. Ultimately, you get to know what content your audience will find relatable and relevant. 

No welcomes 

A very common mistake that you may make is not welcoming your new subscribers to your brand family. Your users notice everything when they are trying to know more about your business. When new users find their way to your website, greet and welcome them. The user shows interest in your services, and welcoming them will make them feel special. So, make sure you land a welcome email in their inbox as soon as they take your brand subscription. This factor ensures you will get higher purchases through increased email opening rates.

No mobile-friendly emails 

One of the best e-commerce email marketing tips is to send mobile-friendly emails. Not all of your users will use a desktop to read your emails now and then. Many of your potential customers will use tablets or mobile phones to open emails from your brand. If your email doesn’t show up clearly on that device, your users won’t read your email. Undoubtedly, you won’t get the desired response as your users are unaware of what you intend to convey. A better idea is to design an email that opens on all the devices and spreads the message. 

Sales-y language 

This trait is no wonder that many e-commerce businesses send promotional emails that carry sales-y language. Without a doubt, the user will find the email too sweet to believe and compelling. Your users are interested in your business because they wish to benefit from your organization. An over-promotional email may damage your image before your potential customers. Instead, you must try to share knowledgeable content with your users that they find beneficial. Interesting content with quality images contributes to higher email open rates. You get visible growth and will witness an increase in sales. 

Forgetting the CTA 

Last, but not least, it’s quite common for organizations to forget to include the Call To Action button. If you are one of them, it’s high time you rethink this and take the right step. Suppose you curate a valuable and knowledgeable email that looks visually appealing. However, if the user finds no way to connect with your brand, your e-commerce store will have no growth. Instead, when you include the Call To Action button, you will witness immediate results. The emails are a conversation between you and your potential customers. Allow your users to do something, and only CTA is the best idea for implementing the same. 


If you are an emerging e-commerce start-up, you need to consider these points. Making the least number of mistakes helps your brand flourish. Try to personalize the emails for the users and grab their attention to ensure the campaign works well for you and your client.