Utilizing phone technology is easier than ever because 97% of Americans have a cell phone.

Advancements in technology have made using phone technology for conference calls easy and cost-effective. 

But how do conference calls work?

Understanding this question will help you know how easy it is to conference calls for a variety of needs. 

Keep reading to learn the basics of conference calls!

What Are Conference Calls?

Conference calls connect multiple people to the same phone call at the same time. The person who sets up the call is called the moderator. 

There are two different ways to set up a conference call:

  • Ad hoc: the moderator calls each participant and invites them
  • Meet me: participants call in to join. 

How Do Conference Calls Work?

A server, called a conference bridge, acts as the main telephone line and can answer multiple calls at once. Everyone on the call is connected through this server. 

You can host your conference calls through your phone company’s server if they offer that service. Sometimes businesses will have their tech department set up a specific server for conference calls. 

There are also companies with software available that allows you to utilize their servers for your conference calls. 

How Do I Run a Conference Call?

Running a meeting via conference call is easier than you think. 

The number of people on the call will dictate whether you want to look into a service that offers moderator tools. 

Some tools to consider having available are: 

If you choose to use another business’s software, familiarize yourself with the available tools beforehand. Once you are familiar with how to use the technology, run the conference call the same way you would run business meetings if it were in person. 

Conference Call Etiquette

Whether you are the moderator or participant, there are a couple of simple conference call rules of etiquette to make your meetings effective. 

The Mute Button Is Your Friend

If you are not speaking, use your mute button! That way if you are typing, driving, or even eating a snack no one else on the conference call will be distracted by your background noise. 

One at a Time

Only one person should speak at a time. Just like in person, if you speak over someone then both participant’s voices aren’t understood.

Be aware of any tools that may be available to “raise” your hand so the moderator will know that you have something to say.

Benefits of Conference Calls

You can have effective meetings without being in person with conference calls. As many people as you need, from anywhere, can be included in your meeting. 

Using conference calls, especially for long-distance communication, saves you the time, coordinating stress, and money it would take to meet in person. 

Today’s conference call technology is easy to use, it’s as simple as making a phone call!

Conference Calling Is Easy to Use

Now that you can answer the question “How do conference calls work?” you know how easy it is to host or participate in a conference call. Review any tools that may be available if using a hosting company’s software, remember your manners, and enjoy the benefits of conference calling!

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