The total time provided to complete the SSC CPO paper is 120 minutes. The paper consists of both vocal and nonverbal questions. As a result, when you sit for the exam, there will be an overwhelming quantity of questions to tackle in a minimal amount of time.

What are the Key Topics for the SSC CPO Reasoning/General Intelligence Section?

● Analogies

● Similarities and distinctions

● Visualization of space

● Geographical orientation

● Problem-solving

● Analysis

● Judgment

● Making a decision

● Memory for images

● Discrimination

● Observation

● Relationship ideas

● Figure categorization and arithmetic reasoning

● The nonverbal series

● Conclusion of the statement

Topics-Wise Tips for SSC CPO Reasoning/General Intelligence Section

Questions based on Reasoning Ability are enjoyable to answer if you know and grasp the subject. Here are some significant subjects from these that will undoubtedly help you prepare SSC CPO syllabus for Reasoning and enhance your score:

●      Analogy Problems

A specific connection is presented in Analogy questions, and another comparable relationship must be determined from the choices supplied.

●      The Analogy Reasoning Questions are both verbal and nonverbal in nature.

However, there is very little probability of including questions about nonverbal analogies. A connection is presented in spoken questions, and you must locate a comparable link among the offered possibilities.

●      Coding-Decoding

○ Coding and decoding are heavily weighted in bank examinations.

○ To answer Coding and Decoding questions, you must pay attention to the alphabets or numbers provided in the question. The more prepared you are, the higher your score will be.

●      Making a Decision

○ Choose the choice that maximizes the advantage to the majority in decision-making problems. Don’t pass personal judgment.

○ It is usual for pupils to choose an approach based on their value system. This section often has 2 to 3 questions.

●      Questions about Syllogisms

Questions based on syllogism are entirely logical. You may use the following tactics to improve your score in this area.

○ Venn Diagrams are the most incredible and fastest technique to answer such issues quickly.

○ The simplest figure should be drawn to answer the question in the shortest period in this scenario.

○ Practice as much as you can to get familiar with the many forms of Syllogism Questions.

●      Relationships by Blood

It’s a lot of fun to solve blood-related questions. Apply the question to your family and follow the query pattern, and you will undoubtedly get a response in less time. The questions for this subject may also be altered in different ways.

●      Questions Based on Statements

Statement-Assumptions, Statement-Conclusion, Statement-Arguments, Statement-Plans-of-Action – you may encounter one or two issues resulting from them.

●      Other subjects and miscellaneous

Coding-decoding, direction sense, alphanumeric series, ranking/Alphabet Test, data sufficiency, and other issues are also covered. The only way to succeed in these subjects is to practice as much as possible since we all know that practice makes perfect.

Strategy & Tips for SSC CPO Exam Preparation

Let’s take a closer look at the eight most essential preparation approaches for the SSC CPO test. The six techniques we will emphasize here are as follows:

1) Be familiar with the test structure and selection process.

2) Thorough understanding of the test curriculum. Understand the weightage for each item so that the most important issues may be emphasized more.

3) The significance of choosing proper reference study resources for preparation.

4) Look for the prior year’s cut-off markings. Understand the needed minimum score. Make a note of the papers that demand a high score and concentrate harder on them.

5) The significance of creating a study plan. As Miles Davis once said, ‘Time isn’t the most important thing, it’s the only thing,’ and there can be no preparation without a study routine.

6) How helpful and significant is the practice gained from taking mock tests? The effectiveness of the mock exams may only be felt if they are used correctly.

7) Look for papers from past years. Solve them regularly and focus more on the weak points.

8) The only time you fail is when you stop trying. So, keep self-motivating yourself and persevering until you get your ideal job.


While your preparation method is designed to assist you in passing the SSC CPO test, it will have no effect unless you trust in your capacity to do so. It is important to believe in your efforts and drive yourself to read and study to earn good grades and get a better conceptual understanding of various subjects. This will not only help you ace the test, but it will also aid you in the long run.

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