Carpet cleaning has been a part of our daily life for so many years. We have grown accustomed to the clean floors, spotless carpets, and odorless air these services offer us. However, the importance of carpet cleaning is not readily recognized by many homeowners because we are already used to doing it ourselves or hiring someone to do it for us.

However, carpeting can accumulate dirt and grime even with careful care and frequent cleaning between professional services. There comes the point in which they need more than just household cleaners or water to get rid of the dirt and stains that are removed during regular service intervals. So here are some of the essential measures mentioned that a genuine carpet service such as Carpet cleaning Santa Monica will conduct. 

 Dry-Spray Blasting

When it comes to cleaning and getting stains out of carpets, water alone does not cut it through. This is why Carpet Cleaning in Venice company uses dry-spray blasting to remove the dirt and stains from the carpeting.

Vacuuming and Spraying

This is an essential step as carpets are often susceptible to mildew and bacteria. A professional Carpet Cleaning west Los Angeles Company will give you the best carpet cleaning solutions that they could come up with to ensure your carpets are kept clean and pest free.

 They are not just manual cleaners; they use commercial-grade vacuums and gentler sprays. But still effective in removing dirt and stains from your carpet.


This is a process where the carpet gets chemically treated with microfibers to kill bacteria and fungus. This process is done for all types of carpets, depending on how severe the problem is.

 If you have a mildew problem, then using chemicals will be enough. However, if there are spills, it would require a stronger solution, so they will use a combination of oxygen bleach and hydrogen peroxide to clean it.

Extractor Mopping

This is another step where the extractors are used to cleanse your carpet. This is done with specific equipment, which is then combined with a detergent that helps in removing all kinds of dirt sticking on the carpets. Carpet cleaning in Brentwood either uses one of their machines or rents it from other companies if you do not wish to buy one.


After applying all the cleaning solutions, this is done to ensure that your carpets do not get moldy by staying wet for a long time. They use their equipment to dry your carpets properly to be used immediately if necessary.