If you’re considering a tour with USGhostAdvenutres this spooky season, you may be an experienced ghost tour participant. Alternatively, some tour-goers might be new to this concept. For the unfamiliar, it’s worth learning a bit about what you can expect from a US Ghost Adventures tour. 

You’ll be entertained. 

First and foremost, you should know that US Ghost Adventures is sure to entertain. Consider how often these professional tour guides are leading this walk. Of course, they’ve had plenty of chances to hone their entertainment skills and master the route in question. So as you listen to these stories and explore the points of interest, you’ll enjoy plenty of entertainment as you move through the ghost tour. 

You’ll learn some local history. 


Depending on the tour you’ve booked, you’ll learn a bit about the location in question. You may be a local taking a new look into local legends or a tourist gaining unconventional insight into this destination. Either way, you’ll get a unique glimpse of the unexplained phenomena reported in this city or town. Some of these places will be well-known—they may even be why you’ve chosen this destination—while others can come as a surprise to those who aren’t enmeshed in the area. 

You can enjoy a tour across the country. 


With 33 locations and counting, you may be surprised to learn that US Ghost Adventures offers a tour near you. For example, you’ll find US Ghost Adventures tours in Honolulu, Atlanta, Denver, New Orleans, Tampa, Vegas, New York, and Orlando—amongst several more destinations and others still to come. As you can undoubtedly tell, these locations spread from one coast to the other, with no shortage of stops along the way. 

Your tour will be held rain or shine. 


For anyone unfamiliar with the phrase, rain or shine simply means the tour is held regularly despite any precipitation or weather. That means that if it’s raining on the day of your adventure, you’ll still be able to enjoy your haunted walking tour. So, be sure to plan your attire appropriately. Pack your rain poncho and Wellies! 

You’ll hear first- and second-hand accounts. 


As we’ve already considered, your tour guide is a highly experienced expert. Because of this, it’s unsurprising that they’d have their fair share of ghost stories! Drawing from personal experience, many tour guides can offer a unique take on a terrifying tale. Even if they haven’t had the chance to meet their friendly neighborhood spirit, they’ve most likely encountered someone who has. In that case, they can get that person’s permission to share their story, albeit anonymized in many cases. These personal touches make the tour all the more authentic while ensuring that, even if you’ve booked with US Ghost Adventures in the past, you’ll find a whole new experience is awaiting you this time. 

You might just leave with a story of your own.


No reputable company offering ghost tours will guarantee you’ll see a spirit or otherwise experience the unexplainable. However, it’s certainly possible that you‘ll see a ghost while walking along the tour route or ”meet” an entity in some other way. So, while it‘s important to keep your expectations realistic, it’s worth wondering whether you might just finish the tour with your very own spooky story to share. 

Wherever you are across the country, US Ghost Adventures is sure to cover a destination near you. So take a trip to another city to experience a particular haunted destination or learn about the paranormal history that’s right in your backyard. Of course, there’s no guarantee you’ll encounter a spirit as you go but, with Halloween on the horizon, you never know!



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