Opening a corporate account for a company operating in a fintech industry may be challenging, especially if you choose a respected jurisdiction. Banks want to work with reliable customers only, so you will have to undergo numerous checks before they agree to onboard you. However, there is a way out: we can recommend an American payment system that will satisfy your needs to the highest degree of probability. Dollars, euros, and other currencies (including cryptocurrencies) will be available to you, and you will be able to issue a large number of corporate cards. It is an ideal solution for non-US residents who want to have an American account!

You are welcome to visit our portal to see more information on fintech-friendly corporate accounts and other articles focused on banking in foreign countries. You can also book a free session with our expert to discuss your banking needs and find the best jurisdiction and bank for your requirements. You can also order turnkey services from us if you prefer delegating all the administrative hassle rather than spending your personal time on it. We will open an account for you in a jurisdiction of your choice at a reasonable fee!

Why Opt for the USA?

The USA is the world’s major financial hub that issues reserve currency, and each transaction in US dollars is processed by an American bank on its way. So why not get closer to US financial institutions – especially if you mainly work with dollars?

US banks closely monitor all dollar transactions in the world, and US authorities have the right to close the correspondent account for transactions in dollars if something goes wrong. As you see, having an account in the USA is the most secure way of dealing with dollars.

Your reputation will benefit from having an account with an American payment system, which is yet another advantage.

American Payment System: Features

The payment system we would like to offer focuses on fintech services, has impressive experience in the field, and understands very well how it functions. The expertise of the team behind the system makes it possible to open an account even for high-risk and offshore businesses, which is challenging if regular banks are used.

If your business is considered to be a high-risk one, you are welcome, but you will need to strictly comply with the laws. If you do so, the employees will tell you how to set up an account, keep it active, and fulfill all the requirements set by regulators.

You may have the impression that the system is designed mostly for transactions in US dollars, but it is not: you can work with many currencies, including cryptocurrencies.

If you open an account with the payment system, you will have to comply with all European and American KYC and AML requirements.

Here are the services you can receive:

  • Currency exchange (including cryptocurrency exchange)
  • Sending and receiving payments
  • Having separate accounts in dollars and euros (with different numbers)
  • A multicurrency settlement account
  • Your own or shared European IBAN

The good news is that you can open an account online, and you will not have to fly to the United States. The payment system cooperates with several banks in the USA and Europe, and it is on a constant lookout for new partners and correspondents.

Customer support is available in English, Spanish, and Russian languages.

The payment system is made up of a team that understands the ins and outs of even those businesses that are usually considered doubtful, from gaming and crypto to adult services. It means that your needs will be understood.

Opening a Corporate Account: Requirements

This service uses a B2B system, which means that you need an invitation from an officially appointed representative to open an account. We officially represent the payment system and will be able to help you with account opening.

The first stage is pre-approval.

You will need to submit your personal documents and those related to the company, and we will check them thoroughly to make sure they are in line with the requirements of the payment system. If we see any errors or inaccuracies, we will point them out, and we will also give you instructions on how to draw up a good business plan.

If everything is fine, we will submit the package of documents to the payment system and wait for their reply.

The second stage is the onboarding per se.

If the payment system employees approve your documents, they carry out a thorough due diligence check. It implies verification of documents and public records, as well as some other checks. This is done simply to provide high-quality services and minimize the risks for the payment system and its clients.

The package of documents is standard:

  • Company director’s (owner’s) personal documents
  • Proof of address of residence (utility bill, bank statement, and so on)
  • Corporate documents

Restrictions do exist: you cannot open an account with the American payment system if you are a citizen from a blacklisted country or you are a sanctioned or politically exposed person.

Though all the procedures are completed remotely, you may need to have an onboarding interview with payment system representatives via videoconferencing.

Account Opening: Costs

The support in corporate account opening costs 4,999 euros, namely:

  • Pre-approval stage (999 euros)
  • Checking the package of documents and introduction to the payment system
  • A fee for account opening
  • Connection and technical integration of the account

You will need to pay a monthly account maintenance fee of at least 100 euros a month.

If you want to add new people who will manage and monitor your account, this service will cost at least 100 euros per person.

Account Opening: Steps

Opening an American account has never been easier! All you have to do is to take a few simple steps:

  • Get in touch with our experts by following the above link to discuss all the details.
  • Pay for our services.
  • Collect and submit the required package of documents.
  • Wait for us to complete the account opening procedure.

Ready to open an account? Use the above link to explore our portal or request the service at once!