Every student ones have come across the question, how can I do my homework without plagiarism? Aspirated content is a serious issue, one cannot copy content from anywhere and submit it under their name. So, first of all, let us learn what copying is:

What Is Plagiarism?

In simple language work, plagiarism can be described as displaying someone else’s idea, word, phrase or anything under your name without giving them credit. Therefore, intentionally or even accidentally, it will fall into plagiarized content. 

In the world of technology, copy-pasting of something can look harmless. But it has some severe effects. As it is, banned in some regions. Now that we have perceived the concept of piracy let us move forward with its types.

Types Of Plagiarism

Plagiarism has so many types, some of which are, discussed below.

Complete Plagiarism

This type of copying happens when someone copies the whole work of another person and presents it in his name. This kind of plagiarism is found when you pay to complete completing your homework or make your friend do it in your name.

Paraphrasing Plagiarism

It happens when someone takes another person’s work and modifies it by rephrasing some words. It is the most frequent type of paraphrasing used in completing an academic task. It is also considered plagiarising when you recast someone else’s words in your own without giving credit to them.

Accidental Plagiarism

If a student unintentionally copies another person’s work, it is considered accidental plagiarism. It also has the same consequences bared by people who do it with intentions. Plagiarism can be of any kind, as discussed above. Consider these cons of it.

Cons Of Plagiarism

In Canadian Universities, plagiarism is considered a punishable offence and can have consequences. The best way to be saved from it is not to commit it. Some of the aftereffects of piracy are,

  • Your academic degree can get canceled.
  • You can be suspended from university permanently
  • Have to pay a large amount of fine
  • In the worst scenario, you can face legal repercussions

Tips To Avoid Plagiarism In Homework

Favorably, it is not as scary as it looks and is avoidable. As of now, you have a clear understanding of what it is plagiarism? and the different types of it. So it will be easy for you to learn the factors to consider to avoid it. So let us have a look at some of these,


One of the best ways to avoid piracy is to cite or give credit to the writer whose work you have used in your content. Proper citations include the author’s full name, the date when it was published, and any other requirements regarding the writing styles you are considering.

Accommodate Quotations

Including quotations is the easiest way to overcome the challenge of plagiarism. It means whenever you are using someone else’s work, just put that in quotation marks. By doing this, the reader will understand that these are not your words. Besides this, you can also include a direct quote to let readers perceive the original author of the quote you used. 

Create Original Work

The most accurate way to prevent plagiarized content is to create one yourself. Do not copy or use anyone else’s content in your work. If you don’t copy, it will automatically make your content plagiarism-free. Do not paraphrase, quote or copy other content. Instead, apply your brain and write. 

Wrap Up

So now, you must understand and everything related to plagiarism. Starting from its meaning to its consequences and, importantly, how to avoid it. Even after this, if you are facing any issue or problem, you can always seek help from experts. By doing this, you will get an answer to the question, who will do my homework without plagiarism?