Are you tired of spending most of your time in your car or inside your house?

As our society continues to become more sedentary, it’s more important than ever to go outside and exercise. That’s why so many people are choosing to ride bikes any chance they get.

As bicycle technology improves, the industry has created some amazing products that make the experience of riding a bike more fun and less strenuous. Thus the sudden spike in the popularity of electric bikes.

This article takes a look at tips on how to use an electric bike properly to maximize enjoyment while staying safe. Keep reading to learn more.

An Intro to E-Bikes

Let’s start by talking about the fact that e-bikes aren’t motorcycles or mopeds. They are simply the next evolution of conventional bicycles.

In fact, they share all the same parts as a traditional bike, but also feature an electric motor and battery that can help propel your bike when you need a break for just a bit of a boost. This can come in handy when pedaling into the wind or struggling up a hill.

Riding an E-Bike

The key thing to remember is that riding an electric bike is just like riding a conventional bike. Simply hop on and start pedaling.

The benefit of an e-bike is the fact that you don’t have to pedal the entire time. Whenever you want the bike to do some of the work, you simply engage the electric motor and then just enjoy the ride while you give your legs a rest.

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Types of Electric Bikes

There are two types of electric bikes. They are electric-assisted bikes and throttle-activated electric-assisted bikes.

What’s the difference? An electric-assisted, or pedelec bike, features electric power that provides assistance during your bicycle ride. These bikes are designed to activate only when you’re pedaling.

An electric-assisted bike with a throttle is designed to allow you to accelerate even when you’re not pedaling. In other words, this type of bicycle functions a lot like a moped, as long as you have enough battery power to activate the throttle.


The number one bicycle safety tip to remember when riding an electric bike is always to wear a helmet. Regardless of where you plan to ride, wearing a helmet is the best way of avoiding accidents that could cause serious injuries.

Obey the Rules of the Road

And just because you’re riding a bicycle doesn’t mean you can ignore the rules of the road. Always ride with caution, stay in the designated bicycle lane, signal before making turns, and stop at all stop signs and red lights.

A Guide to How to Use an Electric Bike

There’s no denying that staying active is important. Plus, the less you drive your car, the better. Fortunately, these tips on how to use an electric bike will help you get the exercise you need while reducing your carbon footprint.

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