Path of Exile 3.23 will see “one of the biggest metagame shifts ever” as it introduces over 100 new skill gems to the ARPG. Of course you may need to buy POE Currency to get gems. The new Path of Exile League of Affliction league will arrive in early December with patch 3.23, and if you’re a POE veteran, have had enough of Diablo 4 Season 2, or are just looking for something new to have fun with, this will What a great way to spend the holidays. A great free computer game to pass the time. We heard a lot about the new alliance from Grinding Gear Games’ Mark ‘Neon’ Roberts, and how it changes the balance and encourages players to try new things.

Transfigured Skill Gems

Players will enter the Viridian Wildwood in Path of Exile, where the overgrown forest is shrouded in darkness by “evil misery”. It expands the build options for one of the best PC RPGs by adding three new Ascendancy classes to pick from. But that’s only the start of it; PoE 3.23 also introduces more than a hundred new “Transfigured Skill Gems,” or essentially, entirely new abilities that completely alter your perception of the greatest builds. Same as before, you may need a large number of Divine Orbs to complete your build. If you don’t have strong enough POE Items, it will be difficult for you to pass this area.

Affliction mode

However, let us begin with the actual core Affliction mode. During the main game, you will have to navigate through nearly completely dark areas and sneak into sections of Wildwood through overgrown passages. As you move through the forest, Sacred Wisps will envelop your character and burn away any surrounding darkness to aid you in navigating these incredibly dark areas.

I asked what this means for balance, specifically in terms of ranged versus melee combat. “We’ve pretty much said that monsters won’t engage you when they’re in the dark,” Neon told me, “What it does is create a claustrophobic feeling. You’re always within melee range of the monster. So you run forward and you just reveal a bag and it’s right in front of you and your reaction time is much less.”

Impact on remote characters

So how does this affect ranged characters? “Although you can’t just go around killing everything, we do want the monsters to be present so you can hear them.” While monsters do exist in the dark, he clarified, killing them through intense pain is much more difficult a lot, and you won’t get any items or rewards if you just fire into the void and defeat enemies. “Everyone won’t be motivated to do this, in my opinion.”

Neon said, “I love this because there’s that eternal battle of melee versus ranged in every ARPG – this league normalizes that difference.” He added, “My personal philosophy is that whether it’s a melee character or a ranged character, your best position is next to the monster.” I totally agree with his suggestion, because he has always been one of the top players in this game..

Neon also teases that certain monsters in the dark”very difficult monsters like bosses” will cause your pokemon to react and change color, or become more unstable, acting as a warning system of sorts, indicating There is something dangerous in a particular direction.

After Wildwood time

After your time in Wildwood is up, you’ll head back to your starting point, where all the wisps you collected will be infused into monsters and even bosses in the area, boosting their stats and potentially increasing the number, rarity, or frequency of items they drop, including currency. Additionally, in the Cursed Forest, you will come across three Azmeri wanderers. You can choose to side with one of them to gain additional benefits. (in addition to your choice of starting class of one).

You will have access to strong Tinctures as the Warden of Magee; these are coatings that can be switched on and off for your weapons. They have very strong effects, but you can only use one at a time, and to use one, you have to put it in one of your five flask slots.

As a Mist Warlock, you’ll specialize in dark arts that allow you to consume corpses, giving you a huge advantage over certain types of enemies. You’ll be able to see what type they are under the monster’s health bar, but there can only be an active buff to one type at any given time.

Wildwood Primalist

The last option, Wildwood Primalist, allows you to customize its Ascendancy tree with special charms and provides some statistics for the regular game’s  Ascendancy classes. This effectively allows you to create mixed strengths categories. They also get a handy extra backpack, which is great for those of us who can’t help but grab a few extra items at the end of the game.

Of course, there’s an even bigger potential class balance shift – the transfigured gems. This system is part of the core changes that will extend beyond Affliction league, and is recommended by GGG as a combination of three systems that have modified skill behavior in the past: Alternate Quality Gems, Labyrinth Helmet Enchantments, and Unique Threshold Jewels. What we have now is transformed skill gems, with over 100 skill gems set when poe.23 rolled out, with more currently in development.

While these are ostensibly variations on existing skills, in many cases they are almost completely different from the starting point. For example, “Raise Zombie of Falling” no longer lifts a zombie to fight alongside you, but instead summons a zombie in mid-air, which then falls to its death and deals damage in the area where it lands – this kind of The effect scales damage with your minions, and can also trigger on-death minion effect.

Transfigured gems can be crafted at the Divine Font found at the end of the Eternal Labyrinth. It is now a gem-making device that can turn skill gems into randomly transformed gems of the same color, or it can also perform other tasks, such as adding quality or experience to gems, or making exchanges for special support gems.


Finally, Ultimatum is back. A favorite returning feature, it’s now officially back:  Vaal trialmaster Master has been completely rebalanced and will be at the heart of Path of Exile’s 3.23 release, with new mods, rewards, and even special unique features. Metamorph has been removed, its rewards moved to Ultimatum, and the Atlas passive tree has new abilities that enhance Ultimatum in a variety of ways.

Path of Exile patch 3.23 and Affliction league had launched for few days, December 8th. Much like the base game, the game will be free to all players, with the option to choose from a range of cosmetic items and supporter bundles sold alongside new seasonal content. More details can be found via the

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