The Basics of Gym Wear Failure 101

Putting together gym wear and accessories is a lot of fun. The proper workout wardrobe and equipment can motivate you to get out of bed and hit the gym.

Even if they’re soft and cosy, baggy sweats and cotton T-shirts aren’t the best picks for exercising. But if you wear an attire that’s stylish as well as perfect for working out, you’ll be able to see your movements clearly, and you’ll prevent skin damage.

Many people will tell you what to do, but not everyone will tell you what not to do.

Let’s discuss what you shouldn’t have as gym wear before you lace up your beat-up sneakers and throw on your favourite t-shirt.

What Not to Wear

  1. Cotton Cloths

Cotton and sweat do not go well together! When they come into contact with one another, they produce a hot, sticky, and uncomfortable situation. Not to mention that once cotton becomes wet, it retains that moisture, which can lead to chafing, breakouts, and skin irritation. Choose gym wear for the gym that dries fast or is made of materials that drain moisture away from the skin, as this will enable the body to expel more water through evaporation.

Pro tip: If your gym clothes develop a peculiar odour, you should probably eliminate it. Things constantly drenched in sweat have a limited “shelf life.”

  1. Moisturiser Perfume Makeup

During a workout, the stench is the last thing anyone wants, but you can get away with just using deodorant. Strong perfume or cologne becomes more potent as your body heats up, which is unpleasant for anyone nearby.

Avoid applying heavy moisturisers before you work out. They can make your skin slippery, which makes it more challenging to hold a weight or bar, leading to an accident.

A thick foundation can cause your body to sweat more and irritate your skin, not to mention the disastrous outcome of sweat and makeup. Choose goods that are either lightweight, odourless, or made to be worn while engaging in physical activity.

  1. Too Baggy Too Tight

Loose clothing increases the risk of tripping or being caught in machinery. When you work out in baggy sweats, your trainer or the group workout instructor can’t observe your form, which increases the risk that you will injure yourself. It is easier to maintain correct posture if you can observe your form in a mirror.

Wearing too tight clothes might limit your range of motion, making you more vulnerable to injury. You should feel supported and comfortable, not as though you are suffocated. The most helpful advice is to ensure that everything fits well.

Pro Tip: Wearing compression shorts under loose shorts is trending and saves any wardrobe mishaps.


Trial and error is the best way to figure out what works for you. The key is to be comfortable, focus on your workout and enjoy yourself. For Inspiration, a website specialising in workout clothes, is an excellent place to browse.


Author: Grace