You clean your home everyday, but do you really get rid of all the grime that has been building up in every nook and cranny over the years? While we take our house cleaning seriously, there are some parts of the home we tend to overlook, such as the carpets, soft furniture, and even the kitchen rangehood.

Here are the 5 places in your home that need to be deep cleaned, but you probably forgot about as you went ahead with your cleaning chores. Not to worry, as Luce Maintenance Group offers quality, yet affordable, deep cleaning services for your home, office, and anything in between!

1.  Carpets and Rugs

Carpets hold the majority of dirt, dust, and debris in your home. The carpet is permanently stuck to the floor, which makes it difficult to clean the fabrics properly. When was the last time you had your carpets professionally cleaned? It is likely time to have the carpets shampooed as all that grime that accumulated in the carpet fibers over the years may cause severe allergic reactions.

Designer rugs, on the other hand, are much easier to clean as they are smaller, and unlike carpets, they don’t adhere to the floor. You can simply toss your rugs in the washing machine for a good wash, or manually clean the rugs in a large basin. Once the rugs have fully dried, you can use them again to bring a splash of color and comfort to your home!

2.  Sofa, Chairs, and Other Furniture

While you may use furniture covers at home, your sofas, plush chairs, and other fabric furniture are susceptible to grime. Sweat, dirt, and mites can get through the furniture covers, and get deep into the fabrics of your sofas and ottomans. You will need to deep clean these areas for the best clean, and to remove any potential allergens as well.

If you have a wet and dry vacuum cleaner at home, you can easily wash your furniture, and dry them using the wet function of the vacuum cleaner to remove any excess moisture and deep-seated dirt. However, we recommend having a professional take care of the deep cleaning as they have the proper tools and cleaning solutions to get the job done in no time!

3.  Drains and Pipes

While it may sound gross to have to stick your hand down the drains to clean them, your pipes and drains still need to be deep cleaned from time to time! Thankfully, you don’t have to do this manually, as there are plenty of commercial drain cleaners that you can use to clean your drains without scrubbing them. Simply pour the solution down the drain to clean it.

For the DIY home cleaning method, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda into your drain. Follow up with a cup or two of white vinegar, and allow the mixture to bubble. Pour freshly-hot water into the drain to rinse. This should clear away any clogs or obstructions in your drain, and deodorize them too!

4.  The Garbage Disposal

Like the drains, the garbage disposal needs a deep cleaning. In fact, the nature of the garbage disposal makes it more susceptible to clogs, which is why you need to clean this part of your home often. Deep cleaning a garbage disposal requires no special tools or equipment. Just ice, salt, and boiling hot water!

Pour ice cubes down the drain, along with a generous amount of rock salt. Let the garbage disposal run to crush the ice cubes, then follow up with a kettle of boiling hot water. After a while, your garbage disposal should clear away all the rotting food particles and grime that built up over time. You’ll have a clean and deodorized garbage disposal!

5.  Oven and Rangehood

The oven needs deep cleaning every month or so based on how often you use it. Most of us are actually aware of this fact, and we can clean our ovens with an oven cleaner, or a paste made from baking soda and vinegar.

However, most people forget the rangehood. It is the vent that is propped above your stove so the smoke and vapors from cooking does not fill your home. The rangehood accumulates a lot of grease from cooking, which can be a fire hazard when left in a filthy state too long. Clean the rangehood by dismantling it and wiping down any grimey surface.