Stepover apple trees

Stepover apple trees is a different way to grow apples. What do you need to know before you buy stepover apple trees? 

Let’s find out more about what you need to know about stepover apple trees. 

Can You Eat the Apples Grown on Stepover Apple Trees? 

Yes, you can. There is absolutely no reason why you can’t eat the apples produced on stepover trees. Many gardeners and allotment holders overlook these trees as they presume they are only for decorative purposes. 

Stepover apple trees are very much fruit trees in their “own right.” They are often espalier apple trees that have been trained to grow along the ground. Of course, there are variety of trees that lend themselves to be better grown in this way than others. 

No matter what your gardening friends tell you, stepover apple trees are not just ornamental trees. You can eat the fruit. 

Growing Stepover Apples Trees On An Allotment

Yes, you can grow stepover apple trees on your allotment. However, you may not want to grow them as “bordering” trees.

What does that mean? As all allotment holders know, your allotment has a distinct border. Some allotment associations are happy to let you go a little bit over. Then there are those associations and councils that don’t want you to be one inch over your own space. 

In general, allotment associations want you to keep the paths clear. If a stepover apple tree really likes its growing position, it can easily start to grow more vigorously. The last thing you want an allotment is to encroach on public spaces or someone else’s allotment. 

If you would like to grow stepover trees on your allotment, it is best to grow them well within the boundary of your allotment. 

What About Pests? 

You can look at this problem in different ways. Most of the time, you are not very likely to experience any problems. But, if you would really like to look after your low growing trees, it is a good idea to put down some straw for protection. 

Not all gardeners do this, but it may help to keep your apple dry in rainy weather. However, the apples on your tree should develop enough distance above the ground to keep them safe from marauding ground insects and poor ground conditions. 

Before you go ahead and buy stepover apple trees, talk to, a quality fruit trees supplier, about the height of the trees. You don’t want to end up with trees that are too low to the ground. 

Final thoughts

Do all garden centres sell stepover apple trees? The answer to that question is no. If you would like to grow stepover trees in your garden or allotment, it is best to get in touch with a growing expert. 

CRJ Fruit Trees has been growing a variety of stepover apple trees for some years now. When you would like to know more, or perhaps get specialist growing advice, the best thing you can do is to contact them or check out their website. 

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