Did you have a dreamy wedding in a shimmery white gown studded with sparkly sequins and glittering stones? Do you want your daughter to wear your gorgeous wedding gown after a few decades? If so, then it is time for you to start maintaining the cleanliness and quality of your dress right from today. Cleaning the wedding dress is not easy.

Rough handling may damage the sensitive fabric or rip the stones and sequins off the gown. If you do not have the time or patience to wash and clean your wedding gown at home, then you may get in touch with Hello Laundry. Hello Laundry offers the best and most affordable wedding gown cleaning services. The professional launderers at Hello Laundry use mild detergent soaps, gentle solvents, fabric conditioners, and fabric softeners to wash and clean wedding dresses and gowns.

Hello Laundry makes your laundry work a hundred times easier for you. However, if you would rather clean your precious wedding gown at home, then you may read this guide on wedding dress cleaning and then start working on cleaning your gown soon after.

Easy Hacks For Cleaning Your Wedding Gown at Home:

Wedding dress cleaning needs extra care. Do not be in a hurry to toss the wedding gown into a washing machine, as that might ruin the soft fabric of the gown. Follow the tips below to wash and clean your wedding gown:

1. Start with removing the stains

Buy a stain remover solvent or prepare a solution of water and baking soda at home for cleaning the stains. Apply the solution to the stained region and wait for a few minutes until the solution gets absorbed into the stain. If your wedding gown has multiple layers then separate the layers and use the solution only on the stained layer. Do not rub the stained region with the solution. Instead, pat the solution gently to protect the gentle fabric of the dress during the stain removal process. Rinse off the solution after at least ten minutes. Dry the gown in the open air and store it safely in a garment bag. 

2. Wash the wedding dress

Never use a washing machine for washing the wedding gown even if washing the gown by hand is a painful process. Use a big basin or bathtub to wash the wedding dress gently by hand with water and liquid detergent soap. Begin the process by disinfecting the basin or bathtub with liquid sanitizers. Next, fill the tub with water and add a few tablespoons of liquid detergent to it. Place the wedding gown gently in the tub and submerge it. Soak the dress for half an hour. Wash the dress by agitating it gently by hand in soapy water. 

3. Scrub the dirt and grime off the wedding gown gently

If you have an old toothbrush lying in the corner of your home, it is time to start using it again. Use the toothbrush to gently scrub the dirt off the wedding dress. Do not scrub too harshly as that might cause tears to the wedding gown. Avoid brushing the areas that have sequins and stones sewn to the fabric. 

4. Clean the bodice of the wedding gown

Check the bodice of the wedding dress for stains and grime and remove the same as soon as you can with water and liquid soap. The bodice of the wedding dress often tends to be stained with sweat. The easiest way of cleaning the bodice is to turn the dress inside out. Spray the stained and soiled region with soapy water. Rub the area gently with the old toothbrush and scrub again until the stain disappears.

5. Air-dry the wedding gown

Aerate the wet wedding gown in the Sun and open air for drying out the moisture naturally. However, make sure not to expose the wet gown directly to the Sun, as excessive heat and harsh sunlight may damage the fabric. Use a rack to hang the wedding gown and then place the rack on your balcony for the gown to become dry. 

6. Store the wedding gown carefully in a cool and dry place

Invest in a garment bag of high quality for storing the wedding gown. Do not place the wedding dress in the wardrobe among other clothes as that might make the dress dull after a few months. Instead, place the clean wedding dress inside a garment bag and then keep the garment bag in the closet for safe storage.


Wash and clean your wedding gown at least once each year in order to maintain the durability and shine of the dress over time. It may be difficult to wash the wedding dress at home as it is heavy and becomes heavier after being soaked in water. Store the dress safely in your closet and save it for your daughter’s wedding in the near future.