Ryle High School

The students of Ryle High School are under investigation due to a prank played by a group of senior citizens. The group consisted of 75 students, and they were responsible for creating unsanitary conditions inside the school, which had to be cleaned up by staff members. The prank caused damage to various properties around the school, including hallways and classroom doors, where students had placed track barriers and Vaseline. According to Boone County Schools officials, several staff members were injured while cleaning up a mess left by students’ mischief.

High school graduation is scheduled for June 3, 2023, and after the prank incident, there are reports that the students involved in the prank may not be invited to the stage.

Ryle High School Property Was Damaged

Thе Senior Prank Ryle High School A group of senior students at Ryle High School broke into the school on Tuesday and damaged most of their property. Staff members also had to cooperate in cleaning the mess so that classes were not affected the next day. Boone County School officials revealed that some staff members were injured, and a teacher also fell down the stairs. They said they are investigating to determine exactly what happened, parents have been notified and the district is planning disciplinary action.

Although staff members tried their best to clean everything up, toilet paper was still seen on the trees by Friday. Some students reported that although they had heard about the prank, things were normal by the time they reached school and there was no evidence to show that anything had happened inside the building. District officials have not yet revealed whether seniors will be allowed to graduate. However, no students have been charged yet, even though administrators and Boone County investigators have already had a meeting.

The senior has attracted the attention of all who have been associated with the institution for a long time. Parents, students, and other officials have shared their reactions to the incident, with some feeling things went too far. Boone County Schools said the prank created dangerous and unsafe conditions at Ryle High School. Former student and graduate Audrey Martin noted that the prank went awry.


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