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Rare Toons India is an online platform where you can enjoy all animations and cartoons. This portal is a Made in India portal. They provide entertainment through their channel. You can enjoy all kinds of animations on this channel.

The name itself shows its uniqueness. It is popular for bringing the unseen animations programs for its viewers. A platform which holds the traffic population of all the age groups. Anime is an updated version of cartoons. What do you think on this? Some people say Anime and Cartoon are different, do you agree?

Rare Toons India: Overview

Rare Toons India is a hub where you will find all your favourite anime characters to watch. Take a break with Rare Toon and have fun. Animation is something which evolved few decades back but, has now spread its magic over the world.

A digital media where you can watch anime and cartoons for free. Enjoy unlimited entertainment and fun with this platform. Many people connect with each other by talking about Anime. A platform which is favourite of all, the origin of Anime is Japan. In 1907, the world of Animation started to be displayed on the screen.

Who’s your favourite character? Kakashi Hatake, Monkey D. Luffy, Light Yagami, Kiritio or someone else. Everyone of us have dream of meeting our favourite anime characters and yes it feels amazing.

A platform which share only good contents. The founders shared that before building this platform they had researched a lot about the content posting and quality content.

Features of Rare Toons India

Dubbed Version

  • They provide dubbed version of animated movies and cartoons. People for different languages can enjoy their favourite drama in their own language.
  • They feature the audio in Hindi, Tamil, Telegu and English language for their viewers.

Free Media

  • This platform doesn’t charge any amount form the viewers. It is absolutely free to watch and enjoy your Cartoon shows on RTI.
  • No subscription charges are applied while streaming. Open the door of fun and childhood for yourself with this platform.

Avoid Piracy

  • This portal doesn’t support pirated contents. It means the content that they provide are legally posted and authorized to watch.
  • They claim that they post contents which are already available on the other sites. It is just an another platform to explore the animation world.

Multiple Quality Option

  • On this site, viewers can explore animation, cartoons and movies in best video quality. There is no fun in watching the low video quality content.
  • They provide 360 p to 1080 p levels of quality options. Users can choose the content quality on the basis of their data, mood and device.


  • They have their own application named Rare Amines India. It is available on App Store and on the browser to download.
  • They pop up to install their application on their site. It is a digital application and supports all devices.

Categories available on Rare Toons India

It includes all types of animated shows and movies on their platform. All the contents that are posted on this site is done by the third parties.

From Cartoon shows to Cartoon movies and series they provide all types of contents of the viewers to watch. To know more about their categories, check on their official site or application.

They post the legitimate link for the series, tap on it and enjoy the episodes.

Rare Toons India 2024

Latest posts on Rare Toons India (2024)

All the latest episodes of the mentioned season have arrived on this platform. So, enjoy your show.

  • Solo Leaving Season 01
  • Jujutsu Kalsen Season 02
  • DBZ Kai Season 05
  • The Great cleric 01
  • Pokémon season 26 and Season 25

Latest movie list (2024)

  • Spider man across the spider verse.
  • Miraculous Ladybug and cat noir.

How to share your reviews about Rare Toons India?

To share your reviews or grievances you can connect with their help and support department. They have featured their contact support panel on their website. In the available list of categories you can select and connect with them.

This portal welcomes all kinds of reviews from the customers. It helps them to improve their portal, it helps them to gain a competitive advantage and to create a better experience.

How to Download their application?

To download their application follow these steps:

  • Search the name ‘Rare Toon India’ on the browser or on the App Store.
  • The official link will be displayed on the site:- https://rareanimes.net/
  • Click on the official link and look for their application Download.
  • Click on the RAI installation option.
  • Download the application and do the installation in your device.

Advantages of Rare Toons India

Top 8 benefits of Rare Toon India are:

  • It is a digital platform where people can live their childhood back.
  • It provide all the contents for free to watch, explore and enjoy.
  • No subscription charges are applied on streaming.
  • Provide multiple quality option to view.
  • A hub for all the animated and cartoons characters.
  • It includes categories like shows, series and movies.
  • It have their own digital application for smooth experience.
  • It is authorised and legal site. It doesn’t support pirated contents on their channel.

Disadvantage of Rare Toons India

Few major limitations of this site are:

  • They may not contain the media that is of your choice.
  • They doesn’t content all the episodes of few series.
  • All the contents posted on this site are done by third parties.
  • They don’t take responsibility for the contents posted by third personalities.

Alternatives of Rare Toons India

Animation and Cartoon network is a part of highly competitive market in today’s digital era. RAI is a platform which have some unique features to offer to the audience. Their uniqueness brings them a competitive gain in the market.

Some of the top competitors of this platform are:

  • Anime world.in
  • Deadtoons
  • FulltoonsIndia.com
  • Animechoco.com
  • Crunchyroll


We would like to conclude that Rare Toons India platform is a safe and secured option to explore. It is legal and authorised to watch content on this site. It is free to explore. Therefore, it is one of the popular anime sites on the internet.

A digital platform where you can bring your old days back. A platform where people forget their stress and daily life drama. They have posted a number of cartoon programs on their channel.

It is a third part site, they have their contact department to gain feedback from the viewers and to better their experience in the future. If you were you looking for any such platforms, then go for this platform and enjoy your favourite cartoons.

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