One of the oldest spectator sports, older than the gladiators fighting in the arenas of Rome is “Cockfighting

Over time this game has been turned into a billion-dollar industry by the Philippines. It is also called “Sabong” in the native land which means putting bets on live cockfighting.

In many countries this game is illegal but it has been perfectly legal in the Philippines over all these years. However, some controversies have occurred during the last 100 years where people are more careful towards animals and treat them with the utmost respect. Various world organizations have also started to protect animals against cruelty like PETA, and LACS(League against Cruel Sports).

But the traditions were never stoppable be it bullfighting or cockfighting. Also, the business that these games create for the country, as well as betters, has made the game alive longer. Cockfighting in the Philippines was also supported by the ruling party as the decision against the game could have put their party’s position in trouble.

Millions of people put bets on cockfighting and earn loads of money. People outside the country also watch these fights via online platforms which stream these fights and allow the watchers to put bets too on roosters. In this way, people all over the world can also enjoy the game’s amazing aesthetic and liveliness and earn money sitting at home. If you are also interested in putting bets and watching such streams then the best and most trusted place is “Wpit18.com”.

What is Wpit18 .com?

One of the most famous and trusted websites to put your bets on cockfighting through online mode. It has been in business since 2017 with the purpose of giving end users a quality experience while watching and betting on roosters fighting.

It has had more than 500,000 users in just 5 years with a user rating of 4.1+. It is because of its features and ease of doing business on the website. 

Perks of Wpit18 .com

  1. It enables every user in this world to watch live streams of cockfighting and allows them to play bets on their favorite roosters also
  2. Those who don’t want to log in to their website can also visit their Facebook page. On Facebook, they upload daily content of the matches and help the user understand the rules and regulations of the game
  3. It allows people to watch live roosters battle without having to travel to the Philippines. Furthermore, because the concept is relatively new, this website’s appeal potential is rather great.
  4. You can make a lot of money doing this. It is similar to the bets that you place on bet365 or dream11 but this time the game is more interesting.

How to put bets on Wpit18 .com?

  1. First, you need to know how to log in on Wpit18.com , which also is very easy to do. Next click on contact
  2. Next, a new window will open which will include different ways to contact their admins, like you can connect with them on WhatsApp, Viber, etc.
  3. Then the admins will provide you with your unique credentials to log in to their website.

Once all this is done, now you can finally start watching the roosters tearing each other off and you can start putting bets on them.

As the world changes very fast mode, the same way, Sabong gaming platform introduces its highly featured games in the market, like mbc2030, and wpc2026. which offers very dynamic features for its users.

Now to place bets, you can select the match in which you are interested. After clicking on it the page will ask about your preference and the amount which you want to bet.

If you win, you take home double the amount you had put in and if you lose you can try again, it could be a lucky day next time.


Q. Is it safe or legal to use Wpit18.com?

Ans.  Yes it is safe as well as legal to put bets on Wpit18.com as the laws are, that the page should allow betting in native currency and the website should not be from native land

Q. How much maximum can I earn from this?

Ans. You can earn a maximum of $12,000 by placing bets on this website

Q. What about the health of the roosters, do they die?

Ans. No, most of the time the fight gets stopped before that point, as there is a referee always to put away at distance both of the roosters 


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