Your house or your office space uses several electrical appliances for day-to-day functioning. Most people do not repair or replace electrical appliances unless they stop functioning. However, it is vital to conduct routine electrical maintenance work to ensure that the electrical wirings in your house and office are safe. 

This article lists the utility of regular electrical repair and maintenance work at your home and office.

How Routine Checks Of Electrical Appliances Help

Protects From Accidental Shocks

The human body is a good conductor of electricity, and if a person is exposed to an electrical shock, the experience can soon turn fatal. All the wires inside an electrical appliance and all the connections in an electrical circuit are made of insulating tape. 

The insulating tape is made of plastic like PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which, unlike the copper wire it covers, is a poor conductor of electricity. However, with time the insulating wire can get damaged, creating a hazardous situation if any person comes in contact with the naked wires. 

Exposure to naked wires can expose people to shocks. Damaged insulation can also lead to accidental fires. 

So if you want your family and your colleagues to be safe and sound, it is a good idea to get routine electrical maintenance done once every six months or once a year. If you live or work in a new building, the maintenance work can be done annually. However, it is better to stick to a semi-annual electrical maintenance plan for older buildings.

Extends The Life Of Your Electrical Appliance

Regular electrical maintenance extends the life of your electrical appliances. When you use an appliance regularly, then the internal components of the appliance undergo wear and tear. When a sub-part of a device works in a worn-out state, it puts extra strain on the other components. So if you replace the worn-out parts on time, then the overall longevity of the appliance increases. 

Thus, regular electrical maintenance also saves much money in the long run because your electrical appliances do not break down frequently if taken care of.

Improves The Electrical Efficiency Of Your Appliances

The electrical efficiency of an electrical appliance is the amount of electricity it draws to operate. In the present times, most countries are conscious of the dwindling energy resources of the world, and hence they lay great stress on electrical efficiency. 

Regular electrical maintenance improves the electrical efficiency of an appliance because a partially damaged device usually consumes more energy than a fully functional appliance. 


If you give due attention to routine electrical maintenance of your house and workstation, you will significantly benefit. Most people mistakenly believe that regular electrical checks are a futile expenditure. However, on the contrary, regular maintenance will save you a lot of money because appliances that function optimally are more energy efficient. Moreover, properly maintaining your electrical equipment will protect you and your loved ones from accidental shocks and fires.