Are you looking for the ideal platform to watch animated films and television shows? where users may quickly and simply stream limitless free anime material. If so, you shouldn’t worry because now we’re introducing Otakudesu, a brand-new and cutting-edge anime website.

What is Otakudesu?

The Anime website Otakudesu was created specifically for Indonesia users. Here, you can have the access anime, movies and series in Indonesia subbed. With daily updates and uploads, you can watch the most recent and popular anime at free of cost.

Otakudesu Apk Information

NameOtakudesu. tv
Size4.36 MB
Required Android4.4 or above.

How to Access Otakudesu Website?

  • Open your Browser in PC, mobile and any other device.
  • Search “Otakudesu” in search engine.
  • Click on first result that showing url:- https://otakudesu.lol/
  • Finally, you can see website interface with wide range of anime collection.
  • Now, you can binge on this website without any issue.

Otakudesu. tv Features

  1. To make it more responsive and easy to use. The website developers provide a number of rich categories. where Home, Anime List, Release Dates, Favorite, and Genre List are included. The viewer can quickly browse and locate various videos using these categories.
  2. The otakudesu creators intend to include additional brand-new features. like a custom search engine, a reminder for push notifications, and IPTV channels. In the upcoming days, users will be able to access and use these three primary options.
  3. The viewers can create a distinctive playlist by selecting Favorite Checklist. where people can add various movies and television shows to watch when they have free time. Usually, viewers stop watching a video in the midst because of work and can’t pick it up again. But viewers can pick up where they left off with the current option.
  4. There are other additional features, much as the aforementioned possibilities. It might be available in the next several days. Consequently, if you’re eager to discover the application’s extensive database. Then download the most recent version and take advantage of endless programming.

Why Otakudesu is popular Among Indonesia?

In reality, It is a free Anime website that offers latest anime series and movies. It also is provide access to download a huge number amine videos.

Here you may watch all the anime material for free. additionally available for one-click download. Consequently, individuals who are having trouble with their busy schedules. can now watch their preferred show at a later time. use the download manager found inside the application, in offline mode.

If users who encounter issues when utilizing the application. You don’t need to worry because the Apk’s UI is both easy to use and responsive to mobile devices.

Third-party advertising are one issue we run into when using Otakudesu tv, though. Yes, the developers included numerous advertising inside it to generate revenue. The user won’t have to worry about those advertising in this situation because they won’t frequently flash across the screen.

So if you think there isn’t a platform available where anime enthusiasts may stream and view an endless supply of anime, think again. If so, you are mistaken since you should visit the most popular website Otakudesu.tv. It provide limitless free access to animated films, series, and anime for no further charge.

Benefits of the Otakudesu. tv

  1. The website is easy to access with just one click.
  2. After opening website, user can gain immediate access to a vast library of anime videos without any Signup and Login.
  3. Most of them are the newest and most popular trends.
  4. This implies that the viewer will benefit from free access to premium streaming content.
  5. The services offered here are all regarded as being free, so a subscription is not necessary.
  6. Even the viewer is exempt from the requirement to register.
  7. Without the need to enter a code or key, all the content is available for free streaming.
  8. The high-quality content is split up into many genres, so viewers can still enjoy watching HD quality content.
  9. The application allows third-party advertisements, and video files are hosted on top-notch servers for lag-free rendering.
  10. The website UI is responsive to mobile devices.


Keep in mind that Indonesia anime fans have the best opportunity right now. Use Otakudesu to stream and view limitless amounts of entertainment content, including movies, without paying a fee. Simply click the exact download link to begin installing Otakudesu.tv. Enjoy free, unrestricted access to movies and television shows.


Q. Is Otakudesu. tv available at Google play store?

No, You can only download through third party website or simply click on above link.

Q. Does you have pay using this app?

No, you can access the platform without any subscription.

Q. How to download Official version of Otakudesu tv?

Simply follow the process mention above.

Q. Does this App provide anime in Indo-Subbing?

Yes, This app is mainly popular in Indonesia due to Indo-subbed version Anime.

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