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Most people in today’s world have undoubtedly invested in stocks or mutual funds, or are considering it. This is undoubtedly a very profitable but risky field. So, with a number of tools to assist in finding, monitoring, and analyzing options for trading opportunities, Opstra Option is an app for options analysis. It is a platform that offers derivative traders a plethora of features and tools.

You can use this platform as a potential trader in the future. The strategy builder chart, options stimulator, and options back testing are a few of it’s main tools.

What is Opstra Option?

Your one-stop shop for all F&O trading requirements is OPSTRA Option. You may conduct a comprehensive study on it. Consistently make wise trade judgements with our sophisticated tools. With real-time price updates, trade in the F&O, currency, and commodities segments.

  • All you need to use it’s exclusive features is a Demat account.
  • Charts showing different trading methods on their trading platform. These charts are visually informative.
  • It provides tools for comparing implied volatility levels across different option. It includes strike prices, as well as for visualizing those differences.
  • It makes it possible to track and Analyse intraday changes and trends in futures contracts in real time.
  • It’s back testing function allows traders to evaluate the performance. Boost the efficiency of their options trading strategies by comparing them to previous market data.

Features of Opstra Option

  • The traders can access an open chart with their Opstra option analytic builder. Numerous data points will be available on this platform. For traders, the open interest analysis will be quite helpful.
  • On the screen, traders have access to F&O stocks and indices. Viewing the index data and staying on the site is easy for the traders. The traders can see trading possibilities with the aid of the algorithm.
  • The trader may benefit from it and be able to make a trade. Traders can choose equities on this platform that offer trading chances.
  • Their trading platform makes use of sophisticated algorithms to help traders. It find possible chances for options trading depending on user preferences and market conditions.
  • It offers intraday charts that show how implied volatility fluctuates during the course of the trading day.
  • Users of the site can hone their options trading techniques in a simulated environment without having to risk any real money.
  • To assist traders in seeing trends and opportunities, They provides a thorough view of implied volatility values. It covers over a range of maturities and strike prices. Traders can use Opstra’s interactive charts to examine open interest data for different options contracts.

Opstra Option Login Process

To start using this platform, the user needs to log in first. Here are the steps to log in to the option:

Opstra Option Login
  1. Visit the official website :- https://opstra.definedge.com/.
  2. You must click “sign up” on their option strategy page in order to register for an account.
  3. The captcha field, password, and username are all contained in the login form.
  4. In the above it define edge new registration process, you should enter your defined username.
  5. After that, you should fill out the captcha and click the Opstra login button.
  6. Next, input your date of birth, phone number, email address, and name.
  7. After you select “Next,” a text message with a verification number will be sent to you.
  8. You are now able to access the account’s features and log in.
Opstra Option Login Page

Benefits of using Opstra Option Strategy Builder

  • It is reasonably priced, and there is a lot of leverage in the options. The possibility for large rewards when trading options.
  • It is less hazardous and will be substantially greater than purchasing shares with cash. It employs multiple tactics. The easier choices are beneficial for novices.
  • This platform will be very helpful to both novices and specialists. They will offer a way to get in touch with them if you have any questions about the app. If you identify any errors in the app, you may get in touch with them directly.
  • With the help of this free tool, users can create their own options strategies. For options traders, it’s regarded as the greatest platform. It will be a great platform for current and prospective traders and comes with all the tools needed.
  • It is used to develop and test methods without having to worry about financial risk. A free membership is available for users to access the fundamental tools.
  • Frequently, the possibilities allude to a mix of purchasing and selling. These possibilities for purchasing and selling are blended and available at the same time.
  • The buyer of a call option has the opportunity to purchase the specified stock at the option’s strike price.

Disadvantages of Opstra Option

  • It has subtleties that may call for a considerable degree of skill to use properly. Traders unfamiliar with options trading or novices themselves may find the platform intimidating.
  • It is an expensive premium platform that some traders, particularly novices, may find unaffordable.
  • It should focused on the traders who are looking to improve their trading methods. It increase their overall success may find the cost justified.
  • As of right now, their trading platform only allows trading of options on stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).
  • It may be vulnerable because of its reliance on outside data providers for market data. Any interruption or outage on the data source could prove to be a serious weakness.
  • Due to it’s poor customer service, traders may find it difficult to get the help they need when there are platform problems.

Opstra Option Charges

One special perk of it’s pro edition is that it’s practically free to use because your brokerage costs pay the full subscription fee. The subscription fee can be readily applied to your brokerage charges after it is credited.

Users must first create a Demat account with Definedge Securities in order to access their trading platform. Once they are logged in, they may trade with ease utilising their trading terminal.

The following pricing choices are available to individuals who are interested in the Opstra Pro plan:

  • A 365-day subscription costs ₹ 7999 + GST,
  • while a 30-day subscription costs ₹ 799 + GST.


Opstra Option is a powerful platform that has been painstakingly created to provide extensive tools to the traders. It includes tool like extensive array of automation and analytics capabilities. It enables them to make smart choices and improve their performance when trading options.

In the equities, currencies, and commodities markets, users can easily trade futures and options. Traders can take advantage of real-time price updates for their positions.

They stand out with its unique feature of set designed for creating and assessing options. It becomes a valuable tool for traders.

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