After successfully moving to Brisbane, Australia, you noticed your ceiling fans are not working, you have encountered problems with your television points, and you wanted an air conditioner installed in your new home. 

However, as you have just moved to your new place, you have no idea who commercial air conditioning service in Brisbane, Australia, to contact or trust with your electrical problem. 

Luckily for you, you came across this article where we will talk about the best commercial air conditioning service Brisbane has to offer! Keep reading to learn more.

Commercial Air Conditioner Service Explained

A commercial air conditioning service Brisbane-based does the usual routine of cleaning filters and ensuring all the functions of the air conditioning unit are operational. 

It is similar to the service in other areas, which also involves deodorizing the filters and cleaning the air conditioner’s coils. The heating and cooling functions are checked, as well as the fans, whether all of them are still operational and in good working order. 

Say you are in Brisbane, Australia. A commercial electrical company Brisbane-based will send off air conditioning technicians and experts to eliminate any potential dust or allergens from your unit. 

Is it Necessary to Have My Air Conditioning Undergo Servicing?

Throughout time, your air conditioning unit may lose its optimal ability to operate in good condition. As a result, less cool air may be produced by the aircon as compared to the usual maximum cooling capacity it brings. 

If the air conditioning unit is refrained from getting serviced, there will be a buildup of dust and potential allergens over time that could highly affect its performance. The damages to your air conditioning unit that were overlooked as a result of not getting serviced for a long time would accumulate and may sustain severe deterioration. 

It would lead to potential permanent damages and higher costs of repair or replacement of the said part. Similar to other appliances, certain parts of your unit may also break or may need repair sometime; thus, having your aircon checked is necessary. 

How Often Should You Have Your Air Conditioning Unit Checked?

Even rigid and durable electrical units sometimes require maintenance and repairs. For air conditioning units, experts advise owners to get Brisbane commercial electrical services to check their air conditioner twice a year — during the fall and once every spring. 

Doing the maintenance would guarantee the cleanliness of your unit and that the mechanical parts are still in good form. 

The prototypical function of your air conditioning unit would also be tested and checked during service. Due to continuous usage, you would sometimes feel the airflow of your air conditioning unit get less cool. It is highly due to the dirty and clogged filters of your unit. 

Cleaning the fillers of your aircon would bring back the regular and relaxed airflow of your unit and can even lower energy consumption by around 5 to 15%. 

Hiring a good and professional air condition expert would clean the necessary parts and check on other things that might trigger a future technical problem for your unit. If you haven’t done this yet, check out commercial electrician services Brisbane-located near you. 

Qualities of an Excellent Commercial Electrician

An electrician is capable of a wide variety of activities, including installing electrical fixtures and replacing aging equipment. 

Suppose you are in the process of searching for a commercial electrician. In that case, you should make it a point only to consider hiring someone who is a seasoned expert, has extensive training, and has all of the essential licenses and enough insurance protection.

What makes a commercial electrician and commercial electrical company Brisbane has to offer the best?


When trying to hire an electrician, you should prioritize finding someone who has a track record of reliability as one of their top priorities. You want to hire someone reliable in both their attendance and their performance of the duties that have been delegated to them. 

Finding out how dependable an electrician is may be facilitated partly by reading reviews from previous customers.

Effective Communicator

A commercial electrician must collaborate with personnel from various backgrounds, from the management team to inspectors. 

An experienced electrician can communicate in a way that is clear and effective with the person who will be hiring them as well as with the individuals with whom they will be working.

Maintaining open contact with the customer necessitates informing them of all developments, whether successes or challenges.

If anything goes wrong in a business facility, the conventional response is to bring in an electrician. Even in the tensest and most stressful situations, a skilled electrician should be able to maintain clear and concise communication.

Excellent Problem-Solver

An electrician needs to be able to handle both complex and straightforward challenges since this is one of their primary responsibilities. 

Because an electrician must work independently on some tasks, you should look for someone creative and resourceful if challenges arise while working on the project.

Professional Worker

Most company owners and managers have a busy schedule and want things to be ready when they say they will be. When looking to meet a deadline, it is in everyone’s best interest to hire a proficient professional in time management. 

Because delays in completing a project often result in increased labor expenses, this generally results in cost savings for the customer. 

If a project isn’t finished on schedule, it might increase the time a company owner is out of commission and unable to service their customers.

Haines Electrical Services For Your Commercial Air Conditioning Services Needs

Are you looking for a commercial air conditioning service Brisbane considers trusted and dependable? 

Haines Electrical Services offers you the best of both worlds, where you can enjoy a comfortable air conditioning unit while minimizing costs and saving more energy. Our commercial electrician Ipswich-located is not limited to the area, too!

We take pride in being a reliable commercial electrical installations Brisbane-based, apart from the other services we offer like maintenance and repairs. We have also been the air conditioning supplier and suitable preference for many of Brisbane’s residents, established businesses, and companies. 

From our wide range of units, Haines Electrical Services has built its reputation on rendering quality services and providing top-graded units at a reasonable and affordable price. In addition, long-term warranties are provided to each client where the best solutions are delivered every time you call us with a particular concern. 

There are in-house aircon technicians available to ensure you arrive at the best decision suitable for your needs. Not only does this correspond to our company’s excellent handling of customers, but it also exhibits our commitment to quality work. 

More importantly, the units’ energy efficiency also implies our company’s environmental friendliness that aims to give a better and greener future.


With the continuous rise of the temperature, many people are resorting to installing air conditioning units for their homes and companies. However, one may feel confused and bewildered over the marketplace’s many choices of air conditioning companies. 

Knowing which company supplies quality service best suited for your needs is essential. Whatever your reason, Haines Electrical Services is always available to help you. Give us a call now to get started!