Level Up Your Back Yard: 3 Custom Pool Design Ideas That We’re Obsessed With

Did you know that being in water can give you a greater sense of well-being? This sounds like a great reason to get into your backyard swimming pool, and you may be looking for some pool design inspiration to spruce up this area.

But what are the custom pool design ideas that can take your swimming pool to the next level? With such a huge array of options available, it can be challenging to find the one that would look best in your backyard.

That’s why this brief guide is going to look at 3 outstanding custom pool designs that could be ideal for your needs.

Let’s dive in and learn more. 

1. Custom Pool Dining Area

You may already have a backyard cooking and dining area, and another space for your swimming pool. But, you could combine these areas by creating a dining zone within your pool. For example, you could have a cooking space at the edge of your pool, and install seats at the edge of the water. 

You and your guests could then enjoy eating without having to get out of the pool. This can also be a great way to keep everyone involved in the conversation at a party, as people in the pool can sit beside the food cooking zone.

However, to get the best results, you may want to work with an expert design company that has specialists in creating custom pools. Their team can give you advice and help you create a terrific dining area. 

2. Custom Pool Chill-Out Zone

It’s possible to create a chill-out zone in your backyard pool by placing comfortable seats or loungers in the shallow end. You could even add small tables with their surfaces sitting just above the waterline, allowing you to place drinks or snacks within arm’s reach while you relax in the water.

3. Custom Pool Island Oasis

You can discuss the idea of having an island oasis with your custom pool builder. While you could leave this area as an attractive-looking feature, you may want to consider making this area a haven where you can unwind.

This could include adding chairs and a small covered area where you read books or play games. You may also want to transport a cooler with you to your island so you won’t have to leave if you’d like to grab a snack or a cool beverage. 

Choose Your Favorite Custom Pool Design

Picking your favorite custom pool design can be a lot of fun. You could decide to put a dining area around the side of your pool, or prefer to have a chill-out zone in the shallow end. It’s also possible to install an island in your pool where you can relax in a tranquil spot for a few hours during the day. 

You could soon be swimming in the custom pool of your dreams!

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Author: Grace