Leading Causes of Mental Health Disorders

Mental health disorder is one of the main causes of disability. Psychological, environmental, and genetic factors contribute to mental health disorders. People experience different experiences of mental disorders. It is important to note that what may trigger your condition might not be the same for another person. When you suffer from a mental health illness, do not hesitate to seek a lasting solution from PTSD Tarpon Springs. They treat mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. The following are some of the main causes of mental health illnesses;


A large percentage of mental illnesses are caused by biological factors or genetics. People with relatives suffering from mental disorders are more prone to developing one. For instance, if you have several close family members that have mental health disorders, it increases your risk. However, if the risk is high does not mean that you will automatically develop the disorder; genetics is just a factor that can contribute to the mental illness. Additionally, mental disorders that contain genetic components include bipolar disorder, OCD, and depression.

Losing a Loved One

The death of a person you love is one of the most painful experiences you can go through. It is very usual for you to feel angry, sad, or grief when you lose someone close to you. Nevertheless, such emotions can become severe for some individuals to the extent of developing anxiety or depression. Moreover, the situation becomes more intense when a loved one dies unexpectedly, making it harder to cope. People you love significantly impact your life; thus, when death strikes, you may lack a reason to keep moving. Furthermore, death can cause loneliness and isolation, especially if the person is a close member of your family or a close friend. Therefore, it leads to more confusion and shock or, worse, a mental health condition.

Discrimination and Stigma

Experiencing stigma or discrimination is more likely to cause mental health disorders. People who experience discrimination have feelings of worthlessness, isolation, or shame. Besides, discrimination triggers existing mental health illnesses and can even result in suicide. Nevertheless, discrimination and stigma can escalate the illness because people may find it difficult to seek mental health services.


Traumatic events are a major cause of developing a mental health illness. They include bullying, abusive life experiences, physical assault, rape assault, war, and natural disasters. Trauma can greatly impact your overall mental health and is likely to impact how you feel about yourself. It often leads to symptoms like nightmares, anxiety, flashbacks, post-traumatic stress disorder, and depression. Trauma also leads to social isolation because it makes it hard for you to trust others.

Mental health disorder is a complicated issue that has multiple contributing factors. If you are fighting a mental health condition, it is recommended to seek medical help. A mental health professional will evaluate the symptoms that may result in a mental health illness. Also, you should increase your resilience and work on controlling stress to keep the current symptoms under control. Mental disorders are treatable and manageable if you have the right support. Do not be left behind; live a happy and healthy life always!

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Author: Grace