Is Modafinil the go-to Pill for a Smarter Brain?

Our brain is our prized body organ and we all want to use its power to succeed in our lives. We all have brains, but each one of us has different levels of cognitive skills, and this makes some of us smarter than others.

There are various different options that are presented to us, and used by people of different ages and intellectual groups for enhancing our brainpower.

There is a huge rise of brain hacking tools, techniques, and pills in the market that students, as well as scientists, are trying to increase their cognitive skills.

Modafinil is a drug that is generally prescribed as a medical treatment of conditions such as narcolepsy, but it rose to the height of its popularity for its cognitive enhancing properties.

As far as the drug’s medical use is concerned, it is widely used for its wakefulness-promoting properties. Nowadays, it is quite rare for a person to get the deep sleep they require for 7-8 hours daily, so the wakefulness-promoting properties of Modafinil is an added bonus for people who use it for boosting their cognitive enhancement.

Why has the Wakefulness Promoting Modafinil Pill Become So Popular Among Brain Hackers?

There are many different things that come under the blanket term of brain hacking. Some people choose to try out intermittent fasting, meditations, mind maps, and even guided visualizations in an attempt to improve their brain functions.

There are certain herbs and even food items which are recommended by people to boost concentration or improve long-term memory.

Various puzzles and games are said to brain hack our minds by developing sharper and quicker problem-solving skills.

Modafinil became a buzzword in the biohacking world due to two main reasons, the first of which is its similarities with the fictional limitless pill depicted in a popular movie.

The other reason is the set of properties that Modafinil has which makes it an ideal smart pill for people who want to excel in life faster than others.

Let’s have a look at the properties of Modafinil that are sought after by people and how they make people smarter:

Modafinil Makes a Person More Productive:

A dose of a Modafinil pill such as Modalert 200 makes a person more productive when it is active in their body, and this happens because it prevents a person from getting distracted from the tasks at hand.

We all know that we humans often tend to get distracted by the tiniest of things such as notifications on our mobile phones, a noise outside, a song playing in the background, there is no limit to things that can break our focus prolonging the time that we spend at a task.

Modafinil helps in making our focus stay laser-sharp on the task at hand which is why we are able to get more done quickly and with better precision simply because we are able to zero in on the task at hand with the help of this pill.

This wakefulness-promoting drug is also known to cut down impulsive thoughts so you are less likely to desire to go out and eat pizza or check your phone while you are working on that important report.

Also, the fact that this pill induces wakefulness that keeps our brain active and alert makes it very useful when people want to use it to complete an assignment that is due the next morning.

Modafinil Improves a Person’s Cognitive Enhancing Skill:

There are many different students who make use of Modvigil 200, a brand of Modafinil that is preferred by students as it offers the effects of the Modafinil drug for about 8 hours.

Students love it because it is a very useful study pill, people who use it are able to retain more information in a short span of time. It also boosts their problem-solving skills so they are able to solve puzzles and equations at a much better speed.

It also helps in retaining the focus even for long hours of time, usually, it happens that our brain is very receptive and good at solving problems at the start of a session or workday, but as time passes, we often hit a snag and are stuck at problems.

The use of Modafinil prevents such untimely snags in our workday and makes us more productive and better at problem-solving in our day to to day life.

One of the best thing that is preferred by users of Modafinil as a smart drug is that it helps in keeping them awake and alert at the same time, there are many stimulants out there that forces the body to keep awake but often makes over brainpower slower. This does not happen with Modafinil, even if you have been working for a while, you can be sure that you will be as quick as you were at the start of the day.

Another golden point that Modafinil gets is for the fact that it is not a full-blown stimulant, usually stimulants can cause dependency issues or withdrawal symptoms and addictions at worst.

But Modafinil is not a stimulant and hence there is a fairly low risk of a Modafinil addiction.

These factors make Modafinil the go-to and the most sort after drug for boosting their productivity and enhancing their brainpower.

Author: Grace