Indian government agency sdms creating a revolutionary platform. This is good news that will improve digital resource accessibility and efficiency. The government validates this site, which manages distributorship and provides vital information. 

Based in New Delhi, India, it allows individuals to ask questions or offer comments directly. This article will describe how to use Indian Oil’s mobile app to book gas, login, and use other services, focusing on ease of use.

SDMS Login on sdms

The Indian Oil Portal’s features are easily accessible on mobile devices. You’ll discover all the site’s major features in this session. After tailoring its services to government bodies and business partners, SDMS now provides gas-purifying services to consumers. The government site is now a one-stop shop for users.

Access and Benefits of SDMS PX 

Business Partners, Distributors, and Citizens may access various services and capabilities via the SDMS Portal. This service simplifies online payment processing and commercial transactions because of the partnership with the Oil Corporation of India. 

You can also make orders fast, receive real-time updates, check your balance, and see your buy history and sales statistics. It also clarifies essential information. The interface simplifies user data retrieval, digital currency notes downloading, and delivery verification to improve efficiency.

Notable Benefits of SDMS PX

  • Indian Oil Corporation Limited manages oil, gas, and polymers.
  • Partner-friendly management enabled remote business process monitoring.
  • The intuitive design guarantees a comfortable and easy user experience.
  • Distributorship owners, staff, and partners may utilize many services.
  • Visualizations of key business indicators.
  • We’ve simplified order placement, progress tracking, and balance confirmation.
  • Complete data analysis, including order history and sales.
  • Simplified delivery operations include digital cash memos and immediate delivery confirmations.

SDMS enrolment steps

This solution simplifies and makes SDMS Portal registration on easier. The following information will aid users during onboarding due to this extensive guide:

  • The registration link is at the top of Indian Oil’s website.
  • Complete the registration form with your name, district code, address, and trade or industry.
  • Check the form data before submitting.
  • Enter your email or text message OTP to complete verification.
  • After verification, you will get website-wide login credentials.

Follow these steps to access

Simple steps to access the Indian Oil Business site at sdms:

  • Visit the official website and click “Login”.
  • On the login screen, enter your User ID and Password.
  • Enter the partner portal by clicking “Continue”.
  • You may use any site feature.


At sdms, business partners, distributors, and consumers may observe the government’s commitment to a user-friendly digital environment. This technology has transformed the energy industry by streamlining supply, transactions, and data availability. Start improving your company operations and customer service with the Indian Oil dedicated site’s simplicity of use.


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