In this article, you will get to know about the usage of the flange spreader. Some people know the flange spreader. But they are not aware of its uses. Let’s make it easy for you to use the flange spreader. 

What do you mean by flange spreader?

Flange spreaders are a kind of tool which are helpful on engineer sites. The main work of the flange spreader is to diversify the pipe from the flange joints. One can get the various flange spreaders in different ranges. These tools are also called the flange splitters or flange separators tools. The china flange spreaders are one of the effective tools which you can get. The quality of these flange spreaders is best. You can buy the required flange spreader from here.

Some of the different types of flange spreaders are the Wedge type, Expanding type, and Mini gap type. Let’s discuss how one can use it effectively and efficiently. Before getting the flange spreader you must ensure that the size of the spreader you are getting is adequate for your purpose. 

Different types of flange spreaders and their uses:

1. Wedge type:

Make sure that you use a minimum of two flange bolts before attaching the flange spreader. This will adequately ensure the work. Below are some of the things which will make it easy for you the user. These are:

  • Measure the gap to get to know about the type of flange spreader.
  • You must be aware of the position of the tools. Must use two flange spreaders which helps in preventing the dropping.
  •  Fix the spreader tool according to the gap’s width.
  • You can do the tool spreading by actuating the tool.
  • You can put the blogs in the flange when the joints get free.
  • Before retracting the tool make sure that the width of the safety block is pushed completely into it.

These are some of the things from which you can use the wedge flange spreader. From the above things, it becomes easy for you to use the wedge flange spreader. 

2. Expanding type:

Where there are zero gaps between the flanges you can get the help of the flange spreader. This tool secures the spreader and fixes it. The following things will help you in getting to know about the usage of this spreader.

  • You can take the collet’s size for measuring the holes of the bolt. The undersize and oversize of the flange spreader will make things inappropriate. The undersize collet will risk the holder of the collet. And the excess size of the collet will make the things jammed at their position. So must ensure that you get the proper collet’s size to reduce the risk.
  • Press the collets into tools. This classifies the collets as consumables and needs regular replacements.
  • You can use the tools for the wedge category. And affix the two bolts.
  • Now you can easily insert the tool into the bolt’s holes. This process requires the proper care. And you must have to ensure that all the collets are attached with a single flange. 
  • At last, the cantilever and actuator get safe at their positions.

You can use the expanding type flange spreader in the above ways. 

3. Mini type Flange:

This product is used in small and low points of the flange. And which has a minimum gap of 2.0mm. Look at the following points for its usage:

  • Take the proper size of the flange which you want to get split.
  • You must have to use a minimum of two of the joints of the flange. And these joints must be in a 180 degrees position.
  • There are many purposes of the flange points in addition to fitness and safety. But you must know that you can not fix the two spreading bars at the same position.
  • Now at the top of the flange point put the tool. 
  • Must ensure that the spreading bar has fitted adequately on the tool’s second leg. And check it properly whether these are secured properly or not.
  • Till the achievement of the gap, you have to spin the opposite sides of the tool. And have to apply the force in a proper manner. 

These are some of the ways to use the mini-type flange spreader.

You can trust the quality of the china flange spreader without any doubt. These tools which are given by the china flange spreaders are best. They make the tool with the proper material and you will not have difficulty in using these. 


From the above, you can see that there is nothing much difficult in the usage of the flange spreader. One can easily use the china flange spreader at their sites. The usage of all the flange spreaders can make it easy for you about things. Basically, there are three types of flange spreaders. You can use all three flange spreaders in different ways. But make sure that you have checked the size adequately. Yes, there is no difficulty in using the flange spreader. But you must know the proper way of using it.



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