School’s out for summer! But you need to hit the books. 

More than 49 million children attended public school and 4.7 million attended private school in 2020. Not all of their experiences were alike. Some children thrived in the classroom, while others stumbled. 

If you want your child to make the most out of school, you need to take several steps. Learning how to help your child succeed in school is the first, and you can take it right here. 

What school should you send your child to? How can you help your child succeed in their schoolwork? What do you need to get for your child? 

Answer these questions and your child can come back to school in September ready to succeed. Here is your quick guide.

Select the Best School

Choosing a school is not a simple process. You should look at a few options, including private and Montessori schools. If you’re not familiar with the Montessori education system, you can visit this link to learn more about it. 

Once you found a school you like, you should go and visit the school building. See where the classrooms, main office, and cafeteria are and evaluate what they are like. Talk to the principal and teachers in your child’s grade to see what experience they have with teaching. 

Understand Disciplinary Policies

Each school has its own disciplinary code. Nearly all schools have firm policies against bullying, cheating, and fighting amongst students. All schools require students to attend classes unless they have their parents’ permission to avoid school for the day. 

Private and Montessori schools can have dress codes and rules about student behavior. Students may not be able to talk about subjects like politics that they can talk about in public school. 

Your child’s school may have a student handbook that outlines these policies. Familiarize yourself with them and adopt them when you discipline your child at home. This allows your child to remember the rules and avoid breaking them.

However, if there is a policy you disagree with, you should talk to your school’s administrator. You should also gather information about support for victims of bullying so you can get your child help when they need it. 

Get Your Child Educational Resources

Elementary school requires a lot of resources. Your child needs notebooks, pens, lined paper, and binders to organize their worksheets. They may need athletic clothes and shoes for gym class as well as colored pencils and stencils for art class. 

Talk to your child’s teachers so you know exactly what they need. But you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on school supplies. Try to get binders made of hard plastic that your child can reuse next year. 

There are free resources online that your child can use. YouTube videos can teach them about subjects they learn in school.

Some websites offer quizzes and study guides your child can use for their materials. Do your research and find resources for helping your child succeed in school.

Create a Good Environment for Studying

Your child may be doing several hours of homework every week. It’s their responsibility to complete their work, but you should give them a good space to get their worksheets done. 

If you have a spare room in your house, set it aside for your child. Give them a desk where they can spread their work out and keep their binders stacked. You should put pens and paper in a drawer so your child can use them when they need them. 

The room should be free of distractions. It is okay for your child to use a laptop or tablet computer to complete their work, but you should limit their screen time. You should not put a television or desktop computer in their office. 

You should be able to monitor your child while they are doing their work. It is not okay if they are taking hours to get basic assignments done. You should talk to their teacher about an arrangement so they have time to do other things.

Become Involved With Your Child’s Education

You should go to every parent-teacher conference for your child. Take notes during the conference so you understand what your child’s strengths and weaknesses are. 

If your child needs special education, you should find services for them. You can set up an individualized education plan so that they can receive therapies and accommodations in the classroom. If their school doesn’t offer enough resources, you can move them to a school for special education.

At the end of each day, you should talk to your child about how things are going. If your child is struggling with a particular subject, you should step in and help them. You can read over their papers or written assignments and check them for errors.

Your child’s school may be running events that require chaperones. If you have free time, you should volunteer as a chaperone. 

The school may also need volunteers. The staff may ask parents to work in the library, read stories to students, and participate in concerts. Be flexible with your schedule so you can serve as a volunteer when the staff needs someone. 

Understand How to Help Your Child Succeed in School

Figuring out how to help your child succeed in school is essential. You need to pick the right school for your child, then you must buy them the tools they need. You should also help them create a study space so they can get their homework done. 

You should take the initiative and be involved in your child’s education. Talk to their teachers if they are struggling with work or dealing with bullies. Volunteer at events and visit parent-teacher conferences. 

Keep learning about how your child can succeed. Read more education guides by following our coverage.