It’s a gambling game from Japan, where 5 dice are thrown on a board with the numbers 1 to 9. The players must match their number with five dice with the same number as theirs. The more numbers matched between two players, the more winnings they get.

1st Winner: Pays 60:40 ratio; 2nd Winner: Pays 45:45 ratio; and 3rd Winner pays 30:30 ratio (Ratios may vary depending on the house edge). However, if no one wins during a round, all players lose their money. There are different ways of playing the Andar bahar online, such as betting on single/double chances or a combination of any two or three consecutive chances.

  • Double Chance: You bet on any two numbers out of those 9, and if those numbers come up, your payout will be double what you bet.
  • Single Chance: You bet on any one number, and if that number comes up, your payout will be 100% of what you’ve bet.
  • Combination: If all the five dices show the same number, it is called a combination and gives an excellent payout (in Korea).

Rules to Get Good Payouts in AndarBahar Online Game:

First Rule: Play with Actual Money! Never play for fun or believe anyone who says he can give you something for free. The reason is simple; most people playing online slot games never get any return because they don’t bet with money for real money gambling.

Play for real!

While playing for fun (demo games) is not illegal in any way, it has been reported that when you sign up to play the AndarBahar game online, almost all sites automatically set your account to play in demo mode unless you make an extra effort to change it manually.

Second Rule: Always select the option “Play with Actual Money” when signing up on any Andarbahar online site. It will ensure that your bets are placed with actual money and not just pretend money.

Third Rule: Read the rules & regulations properly before starting to play the online AndarBahar Game or Download Free Mobile Game App to understand the paytable& variant of the AndarBahar Game you are playing.

Fourth Rule: Always check if the AndarBahar game site for real money gambling has a good reputation before playing games on it. You can find out about that by searching online or asking people who have previously played at any particular game site.

Fifth Rule: Play with the same amount of money on each round for better results and more control.

Sixth Rule: Never increase your bets every time you win! If you win consecutively twice or thrice, try betting less to ensure your profits don’t get depleted in case of loss. Increase your bet only when you lose a couple of rounds consecutively.

Seventh Rule: Have patience! If you don’t get the results you like in the first couple of rounds, wait for a few more rounds and keep playing.

Eighth Rule: Try not to be carried away by your emotions! If you are on a winning streak, don’t increase your bet or place risky bets against bigger odds because it might cause significant losses for you. Instead, stay calm and stick with the number of rounds played on the first couple of wins.

Ninth Rule: Keep an eye on the time while playing Andarbahar online. Don’t ever play beyond your budget or go out of home when playing AndarBahar’s game online, as losing even one round is enough to burn a hole in your wallet.

Tenth Rule: Ensure that you get credited adequately without hassle for every transaction (bet/withdrawal).

Eleventh Rule: If your betting amount is very high, you should play with the same amount on each round or reduce bet size. It will help you not to get carried away by emotions. Avoid playing for more than an hour at a stretch as it can cause tension and stress, affecting your health.

Don’ts while Playing AndarBahar Game:

  • Do not deposit or withdraw from your account unless you have checked the site’s reputation.
  • Don’t play beyond your budget.
  • Never increase bet size after a couple of wins, as it might lead to significant losses.
  • Try not to be carried away by emotions! Avoid playing for more than one hour continuously as it can affect your health.

Keep track of all rules mentioned above about Andarbahar online before playing.

Final Thought:

AndarBahar game is a popular online casino for real money gambling that you can play easily from your home. It has different rules to follow, so one should carefully read them before playing this game. Although many sites have all the wrong strategies written on their pages, some still have good returns from playing the AndarBahar Game with the correct strategy and a little luck!