Poker is one of the most enjoyable and pleasurable games in the world. It involves a lot of decision-making in a short time. With online poker, you can play free or for very small stakes as long as you have an account with fun88. You can also play for the highest stake available. 

All of this you can do from a phone, laptop, or tablet. There are over a million poker players around the globe, and the game continues to grow in different countries. Below are a few strategies that can help you navigate the online poker world.

Learn rules, positions, and poker hand rankings

Naturally, this is the first step to learn for every beginner at the online poker game. While it may be easy to learn the general poker rules, you should mostly spend more time understanding what poker hand ranking entails.

Learning positions are very valuable. It is considered one of the most crucial tips to learn when starting, so don’t overlook it. Generally, having a position over other players means acting after them. This enables you to see what they do before you make your decision. You will know if they check or bet or how long it will take to decide on what size they will use.

For example, if your opponent checks quickly, it could indicate that they have a weak hand, and you can decide to bluff. For any beginner in the online poker game, remember that having a position is very important, and you should play more hands while in position.

Start at low stakes

For online poker beginners, always consider this poker tip before playing. Many players do not like playing low games, but your goal should be to learn poker strategy and not waste money while at it.

Playing at a low stake will make you feel more comfortable knowing that you are not risking a lot of money, and even if you lose, it won’t hurt you. Before you make your stakes high, you need to learn poker strategy. This will ensure that you are comfortable in whatever game that you play.

Play tightly and aggressively

One of the biggest errors new poker players make involves involving too many boards. With a good understanding of poker hand ranking, the next step should be deciding on which hole cards to play. 

Knowing the win probability of the whole cards without reference from your opponent is crucial. The game-changer for any new player is to make the first decision with a tight and aggressive force. Whether face-to-face cards or a pocket fair, playing aggressively is key when a new player starts. Seasoned veterans will automatically recognize that the new player plays only with strong cards, thus setting up a potential bluff later in the game.

Understanding button position

The button is generally a term that signifies who the dealer is. When playing, one person always deals, and they are the last to take action. For any success in the poke game, gathering as much information as possible is important. New poker players are always guided to play tight and manage the whole cards.


If you are looking for a game that puts a smile on your face, consider poker. Thanks to improved technology, you can now play online poker in the comfort of your home. The above tips are the most crucial tips for any online poker beginner looking to put their best feet forward in the game. They will help you learn poker strategy faster before signing up at fun88 and shield you from players’ many common mistakes.