Did you know that one of the early visions of the internet was to let people buy a website in a box?

This would have allowed anyone to go to an online store and buy everything you need to own a website. Instead, you have to go through several different companies to build a website, and you don’t control a good part of it.

One of the most important pieces is to get a website host. What is website hosting? How much does web hosting cost?

Website hosting services let you keep your website’s files on their servers. They serve the files to a user’s website browser on request.

If you want to know about web hosting prices, keep reading. We’ll go over the average cost of web hosting.

How Much Does Web Hosting Cost?

Web hosting prices range between $5 a month all the way to over $100 a month. Why is there such a huge difference? It’s not that hosting providers are ripping you off.

There are different tiers of hosting plans. You need to know which plan you need before you sign up for a plan.

On top of website hosting, there are additional costs to think about. Some hosts charge more for domain name registration, SSL certificates, security, and backup services.

Understanding Web Hosting Plans

At the lowest level, there are shared hosting plans. These tend to be the most affordable because they take up the fewest resources for web hosting providers.

These plans are for small websites such as blogs and small business websites. Your site sits on the same server as many other websites. Since you share the same resources, you pay a cheaper price.

WordPress hosting plans are tailored for WordPress websites. They have features that allow you to manage a WordPress site with ease.

Dedicated hosting is the most expensive plan. You have an entire server to yourself. It’s a good fit if you have a high number of visitors and you want control over the server.

It can be a long process to look for the best web hosting services. Check out review sites like https://trustgeeky.com/blog/best-web-hosting-for-small-business/ and G2. They have the information you need to make a decision about web hosting.

Web Hosting Prices and Promotions

There’s one thing to understand about website hosting. Web hosting services always give you a discount to sign up. They usually offer anywhere between 30% and 60% if you sign up for a year.

After the first year, you’ll pay the full rate. They might increase their rates in the middle of that year. You could pay $70 your first year and $300 your second year.  

Web services don’t offer a free trial, but most offer a 30-day guarantee.

Find the Best Web Host Services

You need to find web hosting services for your website. How much does web hosting cost?

It depends on your website. At the low end, a shared hosting plan costs about $5 a month. Dedicated plans cost at least $100 a month.

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