Comic books belong to a medium that might seem overwhelming if you’ve never picked one up before. Such a medium has many characters, incarnations, and issues. How exactly does someone break into comic reading?

For a casual reader, this may seem like a difficult feat.

If you’ve been eyeing the tales on the shelves, it’s time to do some research. Here is your guide to breaking into comic reading. It’s time to start reading comic books and figure out which ones you’ll enjoy the most. Below are our suggestions for how to start reading comics. 

Identify Your Likes 

Pinpointing what you’re looking for when starting to read comic books is an important factor. Not all comic books are superhero books. There is an entire industry of comics that is dedicated to horror or even science fiction. 

You’ll want to decide what you’re looking to get out of the books you choose to read. Do you want to find books about space? Or maybe some fun slice-of-life story about a faraway land or even an ice cream man. 

The best comic books to start reading are the ones that have subject matter you will enjoy. Look for books that correlate with your interests. 

The Order to Read In 

Most books are established by runs. These runs can be either ongoing comic runs or they can be shorter mini-series books. You will want to identify what type of run you’re looking for. 

When you identify the run, you’ll want to begin with the first issue or the first issue in the arc. This will give you the chance to read from the beginning and grasp the full picture the author and artist are presenting. From there, the comic issues will follow a typical numerical numbering. 

Keep an Open Mind

It is important to remember that not all issues and arcs are going to be ones that you enjoy. It takes trial and error to find the comics that best suit your interests. When it comes to friends who read comics you may not have the same interests. 

Take a look at different artists and types of writing that make you want to turn the pages in the book. Comic artists have different techniques and visions when it comes to how they write and draw. Some of these writers and artists may satisfy you more than others. 

The comic books to start reading are the ones that make you want to continue turning the pages. The ones that you like may not be the same as someone else. It’s your personal choice that matters the most when it comes to the books you choose. 

Learning How to Start Reading Comics Isn’t Complicated

The most complicated thing when it comes to learning how to start reading comics is determining what type of comic you want to read. It’s important to give yourself the chance to explore different genres and comic types. You’ll find that there are hundreds of options at your disposal. 

Happy reading and enjoy the different worlds that these books transport you to! For other comic-related news, (among much more) check out our other blogs! 



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