Henry Robert Witherspoon

Henry Robert Witherspoon is the father of Kevin Hart. Kevin’s full name is Kevin Darnell Hart. He is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and producer. Henry was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America. He is very famous celebrity parent because of his son’s mass appeal.

Early Life and Bio: Henry Robert Witherspoon

Henry’s date of birth and age under review, Henry was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America. He is the father of American Comedian Kevin Hart. To date, there are no details about Henry’s siblings, educational background, etc. It is estimated that he was born in 1947.

Physical Appearance: Henry Robert Witherspoon

Information about Kevin’s father’s height, weight, and other body measurements is unknown. Holding American nationality, Henry is of African-American ethnical background. Henry’s eyes and hair are both blacks.

Personal Life: Henry Robert Witherspoon

Henry dated and married Nancy Hart. Nancy had struggled a lot to raise her two sons on her own. She earned her living as a computer analyst at the University of Pennsylvania. His wife, Nancy, was an amazing and inspirational woman to Kevin.

Henry Robert Witherspoon
Famous Henry Robert Witherspoon

Nancy died of cancer in 2007. A few weeks prior to her death, Kevin got to know about his mom’s health. Soon after Nancy’s death, Kevin found a box belonging to Nancy, collecting newspaper articles and videos of everything about Kevin’s career.

Family: Henry Robert Witherspoon

Henry Robert Witherspoon and his spouse, Nancy Hart, have two children, Robert Hart, and Kevin Hart. He has five grandchildren, four from Kevin and one from Robert. Robert’s adolescence had also been rough with involvement with the wrong peoples. In Kevin’s Netflix documentary “Don’t F**k This Up,” the actor shared his brother’s story.

Bond With Kevin

Kevin has always been outspoken about his personal life. Kevin had a very rough and troubled childhood. He and his brother were raised by a single mother because of his dad’s battle with drug and alcohol addiction. During most of Kevin’s childhood, his father, Henry, would be in and out of prison for different crimes. When Kevin was six years old, his family had to estrange his father because of his uncontrolled indulgence in the drug. He describes his relationship with Henry as just love and respect, a feeling that is in general between a father-son duo but does not have a deep bond. Later in 2011, Henry starred in the documentary ‘Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain.

Net Worth

The net worth and income of Henry Robert Witherspoon are not available. He did some petty jobs and crimes when Kevin was a child. Meanwhile, Kevin’s net worth is estimated to be $200 million. His income source is Stand-up comedy, movies, series, production, and brand endorsements.

Social Media

As of today’s date, there are no details about Henry using social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. On the other hand, His son, Kevin, is active on social media platforms. His Instagram account @kevinhart4real has successfully gathered 133 million followers and follows about 851 people. To date, Kevin has posted about 7819 posts. His Twitter account @KevinHart4real has about 36.9 million followers and has followed 554 people. To date, he has tweeted about 41.1k tweets.

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