Fun Attractions That Every Family Member Would Love in 2021

Although families have spent a lot of time together recently, was it “quality” time? Families have remained cooped up and shut in for nearly two years now, and some of us are more reluctant to venture out into the world than others. Now that fun attractions are beginning to open their doors, it might be time to step outside of the backyard and enjoy some bonding time with loved ones! 

There are plenty of family-friendly attractions out there that can help families and friends put the “quality” back in “quality time.” But what did people used to do? When it has been a long time since your last outing, it can be hard to remember!

If you’re looking for family attractions to get you through the rest of 2021, this article is for you! Read on to find some inspiration for things to do with friends and family of all ages! 

Escape Rooms

If you’ve never been to an escape room, it’s an excellent option that will encourage teamwork and a sense of play in the whole family! Essentially, each escape room is a self-contained puzzle. Every object in the room is interactive, and everyone can touch, move, and manipulate them to solve a mystery that will facilitate your “escape” and return to the real world!

Most escape room businesses, such as The Great Escape Room, rank their puzzles based on their suitability for children. During the day, you might enjoy a kid-friendly escape with simple puzzles. At night, you can return with your friends and try a challenging horror-themed puzzle to herald in spooky season!

Some escape rooms include guides and live performances. Others might involve a souvenir that you can take on the road. Whatever the case, it’s a satisfying and memorable way to spend time with your loved ones!

Nature Hikes

When looking for things to do, don’t count your local, national state park out! Many local parks provide free or low-cost family programming year-round. Why not spend your winter tracking down owls or learning to identify animal tracks in the snow? 

If you’re looking for something more low-key, you can always try a DIY hike. Many larger parks have children’s trails and children’s gardens that make wonderful destinations as the leaves start to turn. As a bonus, many of these trails have playgrounds and picnic areas nearby, which will allow you to extend your day and keep everyone busy. 

Why not go on a scavenger hunt, or bring along some binoculars? If you love the great outdoors, there’s always something worth doing out in nature!

Painting Events

Anyone can be an artist, and families who paint together stay together! In recent years, group painting events have gained popularity.

In essence, you select a project and show up at a venue, where a host provides both supplies and instruction. Everyone leaves with a polished work of art.

Many of these events have family-friendly designations, with paintings or projects that are easy and satisfying for artists of all ages. You don’t need any particular experience or expertise to succeed. There is a fun, vibrant host, upbeat music, and lots of downtime to chat and laugh together. 

Often, painting events occur at local restaurants or sports bars, so you can enjoy a bite or a beverage before, during, or after you get to work! That makes it an excellent option for even the most reluctant Picasso!

Dinner and a Show

Two industries took a major hit during the Pandemic: restaurants and the theatre. Now that both are opening up with some safety restrictions, it’s an excellent time to show your community that you value local businesses and the arts! Why not go to the theatre and a show?

Most mainstage musicals are child-friendly, and while it may make for a late night for some little ones, the magic of theatre is worth it. Consider going out for a meal before the show begins and taking advantage of the intermission to ply squirmy audience members with concessions. 

If that’s not practical for your brood, look into local weekend rep productions. Many theatres provide some kind of family or children’s programming on weekend afternoons before their mainstage productions. Often, these events include meet and greets or talkbacks so children can get up close and personal with the stars!

The Museum

When you think of a museum, your first thought might not be “family-friendly,” but there are so many cultural institutions that challenge that assumption by catering to families! Even larger museums often offer some weekend morning programming with hands-on components. Why not sketch in an art gallery, churn butter in a history museum, or participate in some mad science?

Better yet, there are many children’s museums that are fun for adults, too. These institutions have a “please touch” policy, where all exhibits are kid-friendly and interactive. Even adults like to get their hands dirty with these exhibits that teach through experiences! 

Visit the website of your local museum to see what special programs they offer. Many have regular storytimes or workshops that allow drop-ins. Often, they are free with admission so that you can roam the rest of the museum at your leisure.

Fun Attractions for Everybody!

Just because the weather is cooling down doesn’t mean you need to stay inside and continue hunkering down! There is a whole world of fun attractions out there that are appropriate for members of the whole family! All you need to get started on your next adventure is a little inspiration! 

Still not inspired? The blog is full of plenty of other posts that will get your juices flowing! Check out the recent posts for more thought-provoking content! 


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