As breezy spring transitions into balmy summer, now is the perfect time to change out your wardrobe too. Make room for seasonal clothes that feel light and airy in the sizzling heat, while delivering colorful, stylish vibes. From casual lounge wear for an afternoon at the beach, to statement pieces for a fun evening out, to bold prints that will stand up to the vibrance of this season, here’s how to revamp your closet, so it just screams, “summer!”

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Build a Capsule Wardrobe 

If you have limited closet space—or you’re in the process of decluttering for the arrival of a new season—embrace the minimalism trend with a capsule wardrobe. All this means is that you condense your clothing pieces down to just a few versatile staple items that can be mixed and matched to create dozens of unique, unexpected outfit combinations.

Think: a classic pair of denim, a comfortable white (or neutral colored) t-shirt, a work blazer and trousers, and a well-fitting black dress. While these items might sound basic, they’re like a canvas to paint on with your own fashion aesthetic. So be creative with this capsule wardrobe.

For instance, knot the t-shirt at its hem and layer over the dress for a more relaxed take on date night. Or imbue some flourish in those jeans by pairing them with the blazer.

Have Fun with Accessories

Whether your taste is sleek and modern, bright and sunny, or delicate and pastel, accessories make it easy to show off this aesthetic. You can even accessorize with interesting patterns such as floral prints, geometric shapes and a variety of textures. This is a chance to experiment and play around—fashion is a form of self-expression, after all. 

Look for Transitional Pieces

If you work in an office or you managed to secure a summer internship, you’ll need clothes that can easily convert from professional to nightlife. In order to achieve this seamless transition, it’s all in the accent pieces. A fitted wrap over a maxi dress, for example, is polished enough for the office. Then all you have to do before meeting the crew for after-work happy hour is remove the shawl, throw on a statement jewelry piece, and the outfit is evening ready.

When you shop for transitional clothing items, stick to mostly neutrals with the occasional hint of brightness. This contrast will infuse drama into a silhouette, while ensuring it’s suitable for an office environment. Summer is an excellent time to introduce soft blues, elegant lavenders, pale yellows and lime greens into your wardrobe. Pops of color will beautifully offset a cream, white or taupe base shade. So don’t be afraid to snag a few seasonal hues.

Give Your Wardrobe a Revamp this Summer

A change in seasons marks a natural time of refresh, so use this opportunity to switch up your look. If that closet can use some paring down, the capsule wardrobe has your name on it. If you’re all about showing off a unique and stylish flare, accessorize to your heart’s content. And if you need an outfit that’s refined enough for the office and flashy enough for a night on the town, grab some complementary transitional pieces. Just like spring fades, so summer can make its entrance, revamp your wardrobe for a fresh new season.