Are you curious about kinky and fetish community? I mean past few years they have gained a quiet popularity. Day-by-day this community is growing bigger. So, here we will be answering to all your question related to fetlife. You will get to know about what this site offers and how it’s different from any other websites.

Let me tell you whether you someone who’s seasoned or intrigued, It has a space for each one of you. It gives you space to connect and explore.

Now its time to know fetlife.com in detail. Let’s know how this community is thriving so well.

What is Fetlife.com?

Fetlife is website which offers space for one who has interest in kink and BDSM practices. And it’s a legal website. This site let you explore and connect to person with similar interest.

This website launched in 2008. It has become one of the most popular and largest space for kink enthusiasts. This platform is not different from other social media space. As you create profile and connect with users its similar on fetlife.com.

But here you connect to discuss your kinks and fetishes with each other. This is what makes it different from other platforms. When you talk about fetish interests then this platform would be your go to space for your kink fantasy.


Objective of Fetlife.com

Fetlife.com goal was to create a space for kink enthusiast. People who are interested in kink and alternative sexual practices. And built a community of similar kind of people. One thing is that this place is not made for someone who is less then 18.

Pros and Cons of Fetlife.com

This platform have its own pros and cons like any other website. Let’s explore and know fetlife.com pros and cons in detail:


  • This website is both a social networking site and dating platform.
  • The best part is that it offers free registrations
  • It allows you to join various group from the start
  • Fetlife.com is updated on daily basis
  • The site provides proper privacy setting. Information about you will be only public if you wish them to.
  • The site algorithm is designed in a way that you find your prefect match.
  • This site gives freedom to talk and share content related to exotic fetishism.
  • It offers 12 range of sexual orientation choices.
  • Users are allowed to post erotica, videos and photos


  • Users who have paid premium can only have access to all the videos on the Fetlife.com.
  • The interface is designed in old-fashion. It’s not interactive.
  • Users cannot search for post by using keyword
  • Men and women users’ ratio are not equal on the website

How to use Fetlife.com ?

Using FetLife is easy to understand. All you have to do is register yourself on the site. For registration you have to provides your personal information and contact number for verification. Once you are verified you will be able to join the this platform. You will able to view profile and photos of anyone who is on this platform. There will be no restriction on that. Moreover, you will be given other special features. You need to upgrade your profile only for access of exclusive videos. These videos require premium membership. Premium membership requires only minimal fee.

Types of Membership of Fetlife.com

  • Free Membership :

This platform is not like other online site which not offers a lot of benefits to their paid members. But here you don’t have to pay to access features. With free profile on FetLife you can see profiles and photos of anyone  without any restriction. You can chat and share videos on the site. On this platform you don’t need to pay to enjoy the features offered sites.

  • Paid Membership :

Free membership of FetLife offers many features to users. This creates curiosity for user to switch to premium membership. Here in paid membership, you have to pay $5 a month. Payment is paid annually which makes it $60 per year. This gives access to exclusive videos which you won’t  avail in free membership.

Is Fetlife.com Safe?

This website provides safe platform for people to express their sexual desire without worrying. User don’t judge each other  as they all using for similar interest. For privacy if you feel threat from anyone on website you can block that person anytime and report. The proper action will be taken against that person. And website privacy policy clearly say that your information will not be share or sell to anyone. The site is secured with SSL. So, use it without any tension back of your mind.

But just like any social platform avoid meeting strangers alone. Be precautious, you never know what social situation you encounter. 


If you looking for biggest BDSM platform in the world, then Felife.com is right choice. It offers space to discuss your every kink and wild fantasies. And if you can handle that without being shy then bruuh! what you waiting for. Go join Felife, it’s the best place for kink enthusiast.


Q1. Can you delete Fetlife’s profile ?

A- There’s option in the update setting menu. You can deactivate or delete your profile from there.

Q2. How to block profiles on Fetlife ?

A- Go on users’ profile, there you will see under ADD TO MY FRIEND link is block and report option. Click on that to block.

Q3. How to cancel subscription on Fetlife.com ?

A- The Premium features doesn’t auto-renew. So, you can just leave like that until subscription expires. 

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