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The e Sadhana portal was established by Andhra Pradesh with the goal of assisting women and children in leading better lives. The Department of Women’s Development and Child Welfare has introduced an online portal named “E-Sadhana” in this purpose. On their computers or mobile devices, the public can now verify and view a variety of services by visiting the official website, wdcw.ap.gov.in. E Sadhana’s, like many other state-wide programs, will assist mothers and children. The government intends to offer its residents access to e-Sadhana services.

The e Sadhana AP: What is it?

The E Sadhana AP online portal was established by the Department of Women’s Development and Child Welfare to assist citizens. Without going to an office, people can use a number of services like the Recruitment System, Web MPR, Poshan Abhiyaan, Anganwadi for Women and Child Development, and others. The services are there for them to use at home. People would be able to save money and leisure time with the try of the portal.

e Sadhana’s Portal Goal

Among the services it would provide are Web MPR, Poshan Abhiyaan, Anganwadi for Women and Child Development, and Recruitment System.

  • Both money and time will be saved.
  • Visitors are not required to visit the department.

e Sadhana AP – Services Provided List

Numerous services are offered by Andhra Pradesh’s Online E-Sadhana’s Portal, including:

  1. Applications,
  2. Management information systems
  3. Tracking systems
  4. Recruitment systems
  5. Information pertaining to Anganwadi
  6. RRS, and so on.

The application procedure for Sadhana AP

  • Go to https://wdcw.ap.gov.in/Esadhana.html to access the official webpage.
  • To register, point the Management Information System (MIS) choice to the webpage.
  • As seen in the below image , a login page will come on the screen.
  • Enter the important information, including your password and user identification.
  • Point the “Submit” button.
  • You’ve singned in successfully.

e Sadhana AP – Sign-In Procedure

  • Go to https://wdcw.ap.gov.in/Esadhana.html to access the official webpage.
  • To register, choose the Management Information System (MIS) option in the webpage.
  • The screen will display a login page.
  • Enter the data, including the password and user identification.
  • Choose the “Submit” option.
  • You’ve signed in successfully.

How to Install the Mobile App for YSRSP

To get the YSRSP app, simply follow these steps:

  • Visit the Andhra Pradesh online portal.
  • Select the “YSRSP Mobile App” option from the home screen.
  • The download will initiate on its own.
  • Launch the application.
  • Put it to use.

e Sadhana AP – Navigating Anganwadi

  • Go to wdcw.ap.gov.in, the official website, first.
  • Select “Anganwadi Information System” from the menu.
  • Select “Find Anganwadi Centers nearby.”
  • Anganwadi Centers are located by Revenue Village, Mandal, or ICDS Project, Region.
  • Go into the Mandal, sector, village, and district.
  • Select the “search” option.
  • On the screen, a list of the closest Anganwadi Centers will show up.


Through e Sadhana portal The Andhra Pradesh government able to assit womens and children towards better that include food, education and health. This portal also helps womens to get a source of regular income from Anganwadi and work from home programs. Hence, we can say through the help of this program Andhra Pradesh may able to provide better future to womens and theirs childrens.

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