All hail Mickey Mouse! More than 58 million people visit Walt Disney World every year. Millions of other people go to Disney resorts and parks throughout the world. 

Despite the sheer number of people going to Disney World, a Disney World vacation remains expensive. Yet there are ways you can cut down on your expenses, like becoming a Disney World Vacation (DVC) member.

But don’t buy your DVC points just yet. You need to learn about how the system works first.

What should you do with your DVC points to afford a Disney vacation? What kinds of vacations can you buy? Can you get anything else with your DVC points? 

Answer these questions and you can turn a DVC rental into the vacation of your dreams. Here are three essential tips for DVC points.

1. You Can Be Strategic With Your DVC Points

You will receive new DVC points every year. How many you receive depends on your contract, but you can receive enough for a free yearly vacation. 

However, you are not required to spend your points during a particular year. You can bank your points, letting you use them for a vacation during the next year. 

You can also borrow points from your next year’s allotment. This lets you plan a premium vacation this year. You can bank and borrow during the same year, and you can purchase one-time-use points for an immediate vacation.

2. You Have Options for Vacations

Each DVC point helps you earn a vacation at a Disney resort or hotel. The more points you have in your account, the more luxurious your vacation will be.

Take a look at how many points you have and think about what vacations you can afford. You don’t have to focus on one resort. Look at resorts all over the world and think about how you can use your points to get a vacation at one of them. For more updates, visit:

3. You Can Get Perks 

Having DVC points can let you access a number of perks. DVC rental pricing lets you rent other people’s vacations at lower fees than you normally pay. You can also rent other people’s points, asking them to book vacations for you for a fee. 

Being a DVC member lets you access resources that casual Disney guests do not have. You can attend exclusive events at parks, and you get discounts for merchandise and meals. You can also rent things like bikes at Disney resorts at lower fees. 

Create the Perfect Disney Vacation

DVC points can get you more than you think. You can afford a vacation with your yearly allotment, but you can move points between years to get a premium stay at a resort. 

You can go to many different places with your points. Try to look at DVC rentals so you understand what vacations are available to you. You should also take advantage of your membership perks, especially discounts at expensive shops and restaurants.

The Disney Vacation Club can be tricky, but you can figure it out with the facts. Read more DVC guides by following our coverage.