Large amounts of refuse typically require more than just your average home garbage service. Most home pickup trash collectors have a limit to how much can be hauled away weekly, along with limitations on large items such as furniture or mattresses. Additional pick-ups often incur additional charges and may not be the most cost-effective way to eliminate unwanted items. 

For big jobs such as rental cleanouts where you need large amounts of leftover belongings such as old furniture and general junk removal, finding a dumpster rental near me online would make the job far more manageable. Dumpsters make disposal easy for all kinds of jobs, with unusable goods or even trash hauled away efficiently and affordably. 

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Advance Scheduling

For best results, call early to schedule a dumpster rental in advance of when you need it. Dumpsters are typically rented for a week or longer when necessary. With notice, you may be able to have same-day delivery; however, scheduling in advance for both delivery and pickup gives you the best chance of having the dumpster available when you need it and gone when finished.    


Sizing can be confusing to homeowners who are renting a dumpster for the first time. Often, people need help determining the dumpster size required for the job. The helpful staff at dumpster companies are well-versed in sizing needs and, with some basic information, can help you find the dumpster right for your needs. If you have a small task too big for regular trash pickup, a small 12-yard dumpster may be what you need. This popular size holds about six pickup trucks and is suitable for garage cleanouts and general junk removal. 

For slightly bigger jobs, a medium-sized dumpster at 20 yards can accommodate about two tons of refuse created by tearing down old decks and porches or cleanouts from tenants who leave behind a house full of trash and broken furniture. More significantly, a 30-yard dumpster can handle jobs such as estate cleanouts. These large-sized dumpsters can hold up to ten tons, or about 12 standard pickup truck loads of debris. Occasionally, 40-yard dumpsters are available, but they are less common than their smaller cousins.  

Service Areas

Be sure to contact a dumpster rental company in your service area when looking for a dumpster rental near me online. For small projects such as cleaning out a garage or removing yard waste, a 12-yard dumpster could easily handle the job. These dumpsters can haul away about six times what your average pickup could, saving you time and stress

Additional Tips

In some areas without private drives, dumpsters are parked in the street, and permits are sometimes needed. If this happens, your local dumpster rental company will be aware of the regulations and handle all permits. 

Check your local ordinances for a complete list of restrictions on what can and cannot be placed in a dumpster in your local area. Electronics, refrigerated units, tires, household cleaners, other hazardous chemicals, gasoline and oil, and medical waste are prohibited. For more information on dumpster services in your area, search online for dumpster rental near me.