When individuals become freelancers, they must have a good idea of the services that they can offer. Although the top freelancing opportunities remain internet and technology-related, offline freelancers must focus their services too.

The top freelancing jobs are:

  • Web design
  • Software development
  • Writing
  • Teaching
  • Financial services
  • Virtual assistant
  • Marketing

Looking at the top jobs, you might notice that it’s possible to break each down into more specific ones. For example, a writer can write content for the web, marketing, and books. Marketing professionals can specialize in offline or online strategies.

Therefore, financial services providers, teachers, and software developers must establish their services within their fields.

We provide five tips for coming up with the right freelance services. 

1. Assess Your Skills

Start by assessing your skills. Freelancers are part of a large network of independent workers. The experience a company has with freelancers could shape their opinion of the workforce. When they have a good experience with one, they’re likely to hire them again and others.

Freelancers benefit from offering services that they can handle. The top skills for freelancing in 2022 include:

  • Social media management
  • WordPress design and development
  • Cloud computing
  • Data analysis
  • Content writing

The top skills also equal the top pay. However, freelancers must ensure that they can deliver top-notch work. For example, beginners can market their skills as entry-level and still obtain a consistent flow of work. Companies with small budgets will balance skill level and pay.

No matter where you find yourself in the freelancing journey, remain honest about your skills. With time, they will improve.

2. Check on the Trends

The growth of the freelancing workforce comes from the technology field’s continued innovation. Even though the tech bubble burst in the early 2000s, by 2008, those entrepreneurs continued innovating. In many ways, they learned from their previous mistakes. 

Thus, the trends come from the continued innovation within the tech industry. Those trends benefit freelancers who position themselves to capitalize on new opportunities.

Before individuals found out that the search engines used algorithms to rank results, search engine optimization was an afterthought. In the 2010s, SEO gained prominence. Now, it’s the starting point for online marketing teams and website developers.

Freelance writers had to make adjustments as SEO started to trend. Moreover, it became a skill that they needed to pick up.

3. Take Note of Market Demand

Sometimes trends become permanent fixtures such as SEO. When coming up with the right freelance services, take note of market demand.

Customer relationship management has made a positive difference for solopreneurs, small businesses, and larger companies. Thus, software developers who can build customized CRM versions for customers will capitalize on the opportunities.  

Video production, editing, and marketing have gained prominence in the market too. As YouTube maintains its dominance on social media, data shows that people enjoy watching videos. Therefore, it’s a great way to market and advertise products.

To learn more about starting a freelance video editing venture, read more here.

4. Figure Out Pricing

As freelancers put together their list of services, it makes sense to offer core and add-on options. Core services will have higher prices than add-ons in most cases. Nonetheless, they round out the menu.

Establishing prices helps freelancers estimate their potential income. If the average prices for your services hover on the lower end, you can improve them and command top pay. 

Independent workers have the freedom to work around the clock. Thus, the novice might charge less and make up the difference with volume. Whereas veterans can work less and charge more.

Each freelancer also has different income goals. Your list of services should help you achieve them.

5. Find Your Passion

Freelancers can set their hours, pay, and relevant parameters. However, once you find your niche, you’ll work within it most of the time. Therefore, it helps to have a passion for the services you plan to provide.

For example, software developers, web designers, and computer programmers sit in front of their computers for the bulk of their working hours. It takes a passionate person to complete this work. 

Passion for other types of freelance services helps, too, such as power washing, tutoring, and hair styling.


Coming up with the right freelance services takes a few steps. Your offerings will help you achieve your income goals and fit your skills. Ideally, you’ll have a passion for them too.