The hydro-vac truck industry is set to dramatically rise over the next five years. The phrase “find hydro excavation companies near me” is about to become a Google mainstay. As the industry grows, more and more hydro excavation companies need to find nozzles best suited for their work.

Before you buy a nozzle, read our guide on the factors you need to think about. We’ve compiled our tips to ensure your next nozzle purchase is long-lasting and worthwhile for your company.

Determine the Needs of Your Pump

The first trait to consider before you buy a nozzle is the function of your pump.

Nozzle sizes vary in flow rate (GPM) at different PSI measurements. For example, a 3.0 size nozzle will consistently operate at a lower GPM than a 6.0 nozzle. The same 3.0 nozzle, however, will operate at a higher GPM at 4,000 PSI than 1,000 PSI.

Check with your manufacturer to get exact measurements for your pump and nozzle to find the perfect match for your projects. 

Hydro Excavation Companies Need Specific Nozzles for Projects

Every hydro excavation company takes on a different suite of projects. You’ll need to make sure the nozzle you buy fits your company’s needs.

What Projects Does Your Company Tackle?

Different excavation methods require different pumps, and you should equip your pump appropriately. You’ll find pumps specifically equipped for potholing, trench-digging, and more. 

Pumps specialize in different jobs with unique nozzle shapes. For example, many potholing nozzles use a cone-shaped flow pattern. Consult a nozzle’s product description before buying to determine if a nozzle suits your needs.

These nozzles from Haaker Underground Equipment supply a wide variety of nozzle shapes to match any job. Browse through their selection to gain a better idea of what shapes you’ll find on the market.  

How Do You Need to Keep Workers Safe?

Another major consideration when buying a nozzle to suit your company’s projects is how you need to keep your workers safe. Each hydro excavation project comes with its fair share of safety concerns, and individual nozzles are equipped for varied types of protection.

Take projects found near utilities, for example. A high-pressure nozzle has the potential to burst open a pipe, causing hard-to-fix utility damage and immediate danger for your employees. You’ll need a lower pressure nozzle for such projects.

Another potential safety pitfall comes from sewage projects. Sewer water carries bacteria and pathogens quite harmful to human exposure. Consider a nozzle with a pathogen defense system to protect your workers from these diseases in dirtier endeavors.

Gain Additional Knowledge for Your Business

It’s simple to discover what nozzle your business needs. Once you know the needs of your pump and your projects, you’re all but ready to buy.

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