Did you know that 52% of American children have tooth cavities by the age of 8?

No one ever said that parenting was easy, and dental care is just one aspect of raising happy and healthy children. Once the infant years have passed, children’s dental care can become a nightmare if you don’t approach it correctly. 

Don’t be the parent screaming, ‘brush your teeth now!’ each morning and night—instead, incentivize them to be invested in their own oral hygiene. Trust us, this is the only way to keep the peace when it comes to raising kids and establishing a dental routine. 

If you need some guidance about the ideal dental routine, read on for some crucial information.

Begin With Education 

When they were a baby, it was easy. Hold them in your arms and brush any little teeth that were poking through. Now, your toddler or child won’t accept any such behavior. 

Unfortunately, you may also be the very last person they want to take advice from. 

Take them to a dentist that specializes in kids dental care. Make your child’s first dental visit a fun and exciting experience. Ensure they learn when, why, and how to care for their teeth (and the consequences if they don’t). 

In the Morning 

Routine is paramount when it comes to a child’s dental care. In the early years, daily reminders will be essential – there’s no getting around that fact. 

Brushing their teeth should be considered as important as getting dressed or putting shoes on. 

Why not do your teeth at the same time so that you can supervise? 

During the Day 

During the day, oral hygiene awareness is less critical. However, if your child is drinking acidic drinks (such as cola), encourage them to use a straw to protect the enamel on their teeth. 

All young children should display pearly white teeth (before coffee and cigarettes become factors). If you think there may be a problem in the early years, request a child dental x-ray and invest in child dental insurance.

Before Bed 

Brushing for two minutes and flossing when appropriate is a vital part of the bedtime routine. Make sure they don’t eat or drink anything (other than water) after this. 

Create a child dental chart for your kid to complete each evening (after they’ve done their teeth). Consider an incentive (a trip out or purchase of a favorite toy) when they’ve finished it. 

Children’s Dental Care Made Simple 

Children’s dental care doesn’t need to be difficult; simply educate them on what to do, how to do it, and why they should do it. 

If that fails, why not incentivize them with (non-sugary) treats? Don’t forget, if you feel out of your depth, pediatric dentists are trained to help support dental care for children. 

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