A catastrophe is taking place in the famous “Crypto Trader,” nowadays. Significant regulatory pressure is being placed on exchanges like NASDAQ: COIN or Coinbaseand Kraken, and the head of Binance might remove Bloomberg because of defamation. Blockchain experts conceal themselves to limit liability.

The end of “crypto “may depend on what Satoshi Nakamoto has previously foreseen. Do not, however, waste your tears over it. Satoshi is still alive and participating in this transition to a true information economy.

Craig Wright was shouting from the top of his voice.

The identity of Satoshi has been a subject of debate, however today, it just takes two or three points to understand that Satoshi Nakamoto is only Dr Craig Wright:

  • 2014 versus 2022 for Craig Wright
  • What happened in the Kleiman v. Wright case? 
  • What preserved Bitcoin? 

However, this has previously been covered. Let’s look at what the creator of Bitcoin published in the previous years during a time when nearly no one wanted to hear.

  • Dr Wright clarified that the actual Bitcoin is neither money nor security in an article titled “Bitcoin is a commodity” that was published on Medium in 2018.
  • Gary Gensler of the SEC claims in 2022 bitcoin can be a commodity. 

However, the sector is currently looking into Coinbase in the year 2022 over allegations that unregistered people were involved in their bitcoin transactions. It is reasonable to suppose that the “cryptocurrency industry” will face significant difficulties as a result of the work of novice customers in the past.

The crypto-mess is still being resolved by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Do not assume that Satoshi has finished with “crypto” in a few days. He is putting unrelenting effort into dispelling many myths about digital assets that limit economic development.

For instance, Dr Wright made the point that misplaced or stolen Bitcoins may be found and returned to their original owners. But, it can be done by the concerned online currency exchanges and services.

The BTC protocol no longer uses that alert key scheme. Additionally, because Bitcoin is governed by a contract, it has been altered by the experts and other parties without their consent. The actual Bitcoin, also known as the BSV blockchain, was created by Dr Wright using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. Its ticker symbol is BSV at the moment.

Dr Craig Wright is suing Coinbase and Kraken for misrepresenting BTC as Bitcoin in response to what has occurred to Bitcoin these years as a result of changes in protocol and public perception manipulation. Do you believe Satoshi will be correct once more?

Bitcoin’s creator is the crypto industry’s worst fear.

All of the aforementioned points should be seen as the start of a long overdue clarification. Lies, unlawful finances, and money launderers are all over the “crypto” industry. Regulators are required to make this market stable and reliable.

A study known as “Forensic Profiling of ‘Cryptocurrency’ Criminals” was just released by Dr Craig Wright.

Peer-to-peer: What do we mean by that?

You might not be aware that when the internet was first launched, huge computing firms and government regulators did not necessarily find it to be a pleasant notion unless you were born before Bon Jovi.

The big IT companies shifted to acting as communication middlemen after they lost dominance over the network technologies and hardware sectors. Few people are aware that today’s internet usage involves indirect peer communication. You are speaking with their internet service provider, sometimes known as a proxy firm, who then relays your messages to the intended recipient. This is very similar to how the financial system is now. When Alice sends Bob money, she simply requests the transfer through her bank. Bob has no role. The funds belonging to Bob are kept in an account at his bank.

Although it is against the law for the banks to seize Bob’s money, under certain conditions they may choose not to accept transactions coming from Bob.  Trading bitcoin is not an illegal activity as you need to pay taxes on your profit. But, you should not use your BTC and crypto coins for money laundering activities because your identity can be traced from your exchange account. 



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