Gifting is one of the happiest things that both the giver and receiver will enjoy. When you are a giver, it says the unbreakable bond that you are sharing with your loved ones. At the same time, when you are on the receiving side, it says how special you are to someone. There are many types of gifting available like customised gifts, home decor gifts, journals, accessories, and the list goes on and on. 

Since diwali is nearing, we all look for gifts for our loved ones! Dhanteras is very special when it comes to gifting. It is nothing but the beginning of the 5-day diwali wondering where you can find good dhanteras gifts online. Nestasia is one of the best choices to go with!

Here are some of the best gifts that you can go with for dhanteras shopping:

  1. Showpiece:

There are different options available, and you can gift one based on your loved one’s preference. If you are in confusion, then monk clay showpieces would be a better option, since they deliver a piece of mind even in a more confused or tense state.

They have 4 different colour options available and you can choose one based on your loved ones favourites.

  1. Bags:

This is going to be the foremost useful gift that anyone could receive. There are different bags available like sling bags, duffle bags, laptop bags, sie bags, potli bags, and the list goes on. You can choose one based on their usage and the one they pick among the different collections available.

  1. Wall Crafts:

Even though this comes under the home decor category, they speak more in that part. It creates a liveliness and colours to the unspoken and dull walls. Especially when the crafts are handcrafted and hand painted, it is even more special.

  1. Lights and Lamps:

Diwali is nothing without brightness. Active brightness, lights and lamps play a major role in them. So, you can go with a unique light and lamp collection, which will make your loved ones smile.

  1. Candles / Lamp Holders:

This is for sure going to elevate even your simple candle collections. The best part in choosing candle holders or lamp holders is that there are different shapes and variations available. You can make even the dull and lifeless place, more bright and colourful.

  1. Kitchen and Dining Ware Collections:

Here, you have a huge selection of items where it seems to be a little difficult to choose one. From ceramic to glass, there are different types of materials available; And at the same time, you can choose from different types of products available.

  1. Envelopes:

Cas are one of the simple yet the most meaningful gift one can ever receive. It all depends on the way you wrap them around. Grab good envelopes from the available colours, and it will surely be way more meaningful.

  1. Pooja Items:

This includes incense sticks, agarbattis, stands, lights, and more. Choose one that your loved ones will prefer from the huge collections available.