Many people experience stress almost daily, including at work. This can lead to serious health issues such as high blood pressure and even a heart attack. But there is good news – you can get rid of stress without leaving the workplace. How? Read below.

#1. Get an ear massage

This traditional Chinese medicine practice has proven to be effective. Research confirms that ear massage (or ear acupuncture) reduces stress and anxiety in patients before and after surgery.

You only need to gently massage the ear in the middle of its upper third. This point is called Shen Men and is said to reduce stress and awaken energy. To work on it, start massaging the earlobes and then move up and around the outer shell of the ear.

In general, get into the habit of regularly going for a massage. Of course, it is ideal if it will be a body massage in Dubai or Thailand, but visiting massage treatments near the house will be a great idea.

#2. Listen to soothing music

A well-chosen playlist will help reduce anxiety and switch attention to the task at hand. For example, dynamic music will speed up the pace of work and increase its efficiency, while slow instrumental melodies will allow you to focus more deeply.

#3. Do breathing exercises

This is a quick way to relieve anxiety. One possible option is the 4-7-8 technique. Inhale for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds, and then exhale slowly for 8 seconds. This cycle should be repeated at least three times.

#4. Do yoga stretching exercises

Doing yoga before and after work is a great idea. However, stretching should also be included in the daily routine. Such breaks are especially beneficial for those who have to spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer screen, as it causes back and neck pain.

Just a few minutes of stretching can not only relieve stress, but also increase productivity and improve mood. Moreover, some yoga exercises can be done right at the table. For example, head rotation, spinal twist, and seated cat-cow poses will relieve tension in the neck, upper back, and shoulders.

To perform the seated cat-cow exercise, you need to put both feet on the floor and put your hands on your knees. When inhaling, arch your back and look at the ceiling, and as you exhale, round your back and lower your head down. Repeat for three to five breaths.

#5. Try the Emotional Freedom Technique

The Emotional Freedom Technique can release negative emotions such as anxiety. Many acupuncture points are involved in this process, which is why it is called the “emotional version of acupuncture.”

Repeating a negative thought in your head, tap the points above the eyebrow, near the outer edge of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, collarbone and arm, on the chin, and on the crown of the head 3-7 times – these are the end points of the main meridians (in acupuncture they call it energy pathways in the body).

Inhale deeply and exhale after each cycle. Do the exercise until you feel relief. Then you can go through another “positive round” by repeating more cheering phrases.

Always control your condition!

According to the concept of HALT (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired), when stress arises, you need to stop and ask yourself if you are hungry, angry, feeling lonely or tired – this will help restore balance.

If you notice that you are in one of the four states (or several at once), then take a few breaths and relax. If you are hungry, take a break to eat. If you’re angry, try to calm down. If you feel lonely, contact someone you trust. If you’re tired, take a break.

Don’t make your body feel stress. Self-love is crucial.