Did you know bathroom remodels result in the biggest returns on your investment when it comes to home value? According to Zillow, you can expect a $1.71 increase for every $1 that you spend—even on cosmetic upgrades!

If your bathroom needs an update, you might need some remodeling ideas to get inspired. Here are some of our favorites that you can use to transform your bathroom.

1. Create a Separate Shower Area

If your bathroom is large enough, consider adding a shower in addition to your tub. Bathtubs are great for families and those with children, but sometimes a quick shower is best.

You also use less water when you shower. A full bathtub uses between 30-58 gallons of water, while a short shower only uses between 10-25 gallons.

2. Upgrade the Tile

If you have an all-in-one shower and bath, consider upgrading it. There are bathtub and shower kits that install over your existing setup. This can give your bathroom a fresh and clean look.

If you want to take your bathroom renovation a step further, consider tiling your bathroom. There are plenty of tile options designed to withstand high humidity and moisture, such as natural stone, ceramic, porcelain, and glass.

The beauty of tile is that you can find styles in every color and size imaginable. Regardless of your favorite style, you can redo your bathroom in a way that you love.

If you’re planning a bath remodel, talk to a professional to go over some of your options and preferences.

3. Install Dual Showerheads

Twin showerheads or dual showerheads give you much more flexibility when cleaning up. It’s one of our favorite bathroom remodel ideas because it’s easy to install and also offers much more versatility.

You can your spouse can shower at the same time, or you can simply enjoy the luxurious feeling of a wider spray area. Detachable showerheads are also an excellent investment for any disabled individuals or those with limited mobility.

You could also install a rainshower shower head, which gives you the feeling of taking a shower outside. It presents a spa-like experience that can make cleaning up so much more enjoyable.

4. Bring in More Light

One thing those magazine bathrooms have in common is an abundance of light. Bring in more natural light by adding a window or skylight. The right bathroom remodeling contractor should also have some ideas on how to layer lighting in the bathroom, making it easy to get ready in the morning and wind down in the evening.

Replace outdated fixtures with more modern ones, choosing a color or design you like. You might also want to add a light near your shower area if it always seems too dark.

5. Install Wood-Look Tiles

Lately, bathroom remodeling trends are all about nature and that natural look in the home. Wood never deals well with moisture, as it swells and shrinks, but there is now tile that mimics the look of wood.

Wood-look tiles can give you that perfect spa ambiance in the bathroom. Consider carrying the theme throughout the rest of the bathroom with other wood accents, pops of greenery, and glimpses of the outside.

Try These Remodeling Ideas

If you need inspiration and remodeling ideas, start with these five suggestions. They can really transform the look of your bathroom.

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